The day should begin and end with the seven sexy kisses.  There’s nothing more erotic than the feel of warm wet kisses all over my body.  The seven sexy kisses that always leave me wanting more! 

I had spent most of the day shopping on this warm July day.  Beautiful high heels and sexy purses to match are my weakness. I couldn’t help myself.  High heels make me feel sexy and my legs look fabulous. I love my stilettos, even if they do take their toll on my pretty little pedicured toes, feet, and sexy long legs.  After a long, physical day of shopping, there’s nothing more relaxing, than slipping into a bubbly Jacuzzi. Pouring a glass of white wine and slipping into my little pink bikini – I just wanted to relax.

Leaning back and enjoying the warm night – I felt a warm familiar body slide into the Jacuzzi.  I didn’t need to open my eyes. I recognized the smell of that cologne and soft kiss anywhere.  It was my naughty secret lover Dan. Every so often he would stopover on his way home. Married, I didn’t blame him for wanting to escape to paradise with me. Even for a few hours.

There’s something about the way he touched me.  It simply took my breath away.  The feel, the touch – sent a thrill through my body.  Finally, when we went into the house, he devoured me with kisses all over my soft sensuous body.   Lying me back on the couch he began by licking and kissing my pretty little toes.  (Kiss 1) Rubbing my feet, gently kissing and shrimping each one of my pretty painted toes.  It felt amazing and relaxing.  Dan started to give me a full body massage. Rubbing my legs felt amazing. The feel of his strong hands made my body shiver. I couldn’t help myself I was getting so turned on. (Kiss 2) Sliding his strong body between my legs, alternating kisses between my creamy thighs.  I love oral pleasures.   Arriving at my hidden treasure, he slowly removed my bikini bottom, with his teeth.  (Kiss 3) His lips lingered over my wet bald pussy.  Teasing my clit – sucking and flicking his tongue, teasing me endlessly. Licking me and taking me to the point of no return,  so many times.  I couldn’t help teasing myself and tweaking my erect nipples.  Slowly, sliding his hands under my firm ass and lifting my pussy to his face.  I arched my back, as he slowly caressed my pussy with his lips and tongue. Slipping his tongue deeper into me to fulfill my wild oral pleasures. (Kiss 4) Breathing deeper and sighing harder. Dan could tell I was almost about to explode.  Teasing me, he pulled his tongue away and began kissing my stomach. (Kiss 5) I couldn’t get enough.  I wanted more. His tongue made a trail to my boobs, as his lips hesitated on my nipples.  He left soft sensuous kisses on my firm nipples.  Flicking his tongue on my erect nipples.  Teasing me over and over, as his hands roamed endlessly across my body.

After giving my boobs plenty of attention, Dan worked his way up to my favorite spots, my neck, and my lips.  Dan knew how to push my buttons. He started kissing my neck and teasing my nipples with his fingers. (Kiss 6) I couldn’t stop myself.  My hand glided down between my legs, as I started to finger my clit. Finally, his lips made their way to my full pouty lips.  Sensuous long lingering deep kisses of passion. I love kissing for hours.  It’s the most innocent yet erotic start of any sexual activity. Your first kiss – is the kiss you never forget. (Kiss 7) We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, as he slowly rubbed his fingers over my pussy.

I was getting so fucking turned on.  I wanted him to fuck me.  I could tell he was aroused. I could feel his rock-hard cock pressing firmly against my body. I wanted his cock deep inside me.  Slowly his he entered my now drenched pussy.  Working in perfect rhythm. Each thrust, taking him deeper into my wet bald pussy. His full lips never left mine. Teasing and tantalizing me – endlessly kissing me til we finally exploded together.

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Kiss Kiss