So, I had an experience a while back. It was amazing. I had never gone to a Renaissance Faire before and a friend of mine got 2 free tickets to one in our town. I had so much fun! I ate awesome food, met some great people.. and fucked them all. I had no idea that we would be hanging out after the Faire was over with the queen and her court.. along with some others who worked the Faire. And having an epic orgy. It was primal, hot, sexy and so uninhibited.


My friend Amanda told me about the RenFaire coming to our town. I had never gone to it before, even though I could have… I just never did. But, since she won 2 free tickets from the radio station I was down. She had some awesome bodices and let me borrow one. I picked this pretty purple one that was too small around my boobs but made them stand out. We dressed up and left for the Faire. I was so hyped. I love LARPing and I love to roleplay. This was gonna be a great day.

We get there and are greeted by some jesters who had us follow them to the food section. There was SO much food.. and I wanted to eat it all. I got myself a huge turkey leg and gobbled it right up. We also had some delicious honey mead.. yum! Well, my friend knew a guy working as a Queen’s guard, so he broke character for a minute to say hi to us. He was hot and dressed in armor. there was dampness betwixt my legs that couldn’t be ignored. He smiled at me and I winked at him… then he took us in to meet the Queen.

She was so proper and nice. She had us sit in her court because she loved our clothes and we were looked at as court since our clothing was so nice. The whole day was filled with drinking and laughter. The jesters and bards entertained us as the sun went down over the Faire. People piled out of the Exits and we sat there with the Queen’s court and guards. She laughed and stood up.

“It was glorious days, my dear friends. And no one tried to kill me! So, let us drink and make merriment of our own… orgy!!!”, she then had the guards close the tent up and everyone started drinking as the bards played a Medieval version of Master of Puppets. The Queen grabbed a guard and began making out with him. I looked to Amanda and she looked like a deer in headlights but grabbed the first bar maiden and started groping her.

I sat there in wonder as trousers were dropped, bodices untied, and the skirt flew up. The guard I had my eye on walked up to me and immediately kissed me and ripped my undershirt off my tits. The sexy bodice made my tits look incredible so I made him keep it on. He lifted my skirt and pulled my thong off… and began to lick my cunt. I couldn’t help myself… so I grabbed a jester and had him suck my nipples. Others came closer to where I was and it was just a clusterfuck of bodies.

I had never been in an orgy before.. but I definitely would want to be a part of one again very soon!!!

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