Tim watched power bottom bisexual porn a few times recently. 

It really seemed to have become a major trigger for him. To throw much else on the boob-tube really did nothing in terms of growing his peter. Only power bottom bisexual videos seemed to do the trick at this point. Questioning his sexuality didn’t help matters when it came time to muscle up and swing the hammer. When Tim agreed to visit the family’s lake house alone to check on the state of things after a series of tornados had hit the area, he saw it as an opportunity to get much needed alone time. 

His first night on the property was off to a great start. Tim cracked open a few beers, ate some pizza, and threw on the Auburn vs Georgia game. It was half-time and the cheerleaders that normally tickled his dick weren’t as exciting anymore. All that power bottom bisexual business had truly rewired his brain. It was seeming like they should just rename the area Lake Flaccid because Timmy Boy couldn’t get up to save his life. 

Truthfully it was making him nervous too. What if he was A GAY? 

Shaking his head, still walking around the living room with his cock out and stroking till it was almost raw. Tim remembered that the sauna in the master bathroom had been remodeled. Without dropping his peen for even a second, he hustled to get it warmed up. It takes a little while for the room to be ready to add the water to the electric coals and he decided a nice whiskey from the family’s special liquor cabinet would probably do a lot to help chill him out. 

Pouring several shots into a rock’s glass over ice, Tim turned his focus back to that poor flaccid wiener of his. Images of homosexual desires and power bottom bisexual fantasies began to flood into his mind. Suddenly he was absolutely throbbing and dying to get fucked. 

*Ding-Ding* went the timer on the sauna- it was finally ready. 

Tim made his way into the large marble bathroom to undress the rest of the way before climbing into the warm luxurious cedar closet. Making himself comfortable was a bit of a challenge now that he had finally risen to the occasion and all that was left was to just add water. Steam filled the room as Tim sunk back into the wall, opening his legs wide and touching himself again. 

That’s when he looked up to see three men blocking the door, all hairy and hunky.

“Who the fuck are you, man?” The guys laughed and entered without permission. One of them chuckled and said something to the effect of wanting to join the fun. They started kissing Tim and forcing him onto the floor of the sauna with his tight ass up in the air, ready to get taken for the first time. They eeny, meeny, miny, moe’d while sword fighting with their massive thick cocks, deciding which would do the honors of busting this power bottom bisexual wide open.

The raw pounding that our bicurious sweetheart turned him for life to the other side but if you’d like to hear more about the rest of that night..you’ll have to give me a call. 😉 

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