A vision of beauty you will never forget. You crave it, you need it – any way you can get it.  Your face becomes the perfect throne for my ass and pussy. My presence consumes your every being. You can’t think – you can’t breathe.  You give yourself over to me.  Slowly I lower my pussy and ass on your face.  The aroma intoxicates you!  I’m the vision of perfection that takes over your existence – leaving you unable to function.  I understand, it’s not easy being a man.  You fall weak to your taboo desires. Especially when tempted and teased by the presence of a beautiful woman.  Beautiful curves and edges that tantalize and captivate you in so many ways.   Are you ready to pursue the ultimate pleasure of tease and denial as I get inside your head?

You can’t help yourself – you want to give into me.  The day of light diminishes, as the moon appears above your face. You beg and plead for just a taste, a simple lick. <wicked little laugh>  I remind you “This is NOT about you…It’s about me.”  “Yes, Mistress” escapes from your mouth, as I lower my luscious ass on your face and smother you.  I let out a wicked little laugh. I can feel your nose rubbing against my crack.  Grinding my ass effortlessly across your face.  The pleasure intensifies, as I move up and down your face.  Pushing you and teasing you til your head is “about” to explode.   As I lift my treasure of pleasure from your face you gasp for air.  I remind you “Don’t you dare cum.  Not until I allow you to cum.”  You and I both know that cumming too fast is a sign of weakness.  Edging you along – tempting you and teasing you to cum.  Pulling you back over and over. I will break you of all your weaknesses.

Stroking your cock is a reward.  I lean down and tease you – almost giving you a ruined orgasm.  <wicked little laugh> I own your cock and will do as I wish. You are only permitted to touch “my property” when I allow you.  “Your cock is mine!!”  Are you ready to give yourself to me, as I fill your head with naughty visions of taboo fetishes?  (Humiliation – Forced Fem – BBC – Ruined Orgasm – Milking – Cream Pie -CBT – JOI – CEI- Cuckold – K9 – GangBang – Strapon – Toilet Training – Squirting –  Kinky fetish role-playing -whatever kink pushes your buttons) What will it take to push your limits?  Opportunity only knocks once – lose control with edge play phone sex.

Are you ready for a new stimulating sexual relief? Call me – I’m waiting for the next sexual adventure – are you ready for the journey to pleasure and back? Let’s do it together!!

Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination – Call me and cum – I’m waiting for you now.

A Vision of Beauty You Will Never Forget!!


Kiss Kiss