I get home from a party around one in the morning

And you were unable to attend because of work. So you are relaxed in bed when I arrive because you have been home for a while. When I stumble into our bedroom and plop on the bed, you can smell the mixed drinks.  I let you know that I need to tell you something. Now you are curious about what happened at the party. It’s no secret to you that I’m a party girl.  With that said you are aware that I fuck other guys from time to time. I share every little kinky detail that happens, starting with the guy who approaches me on the dance floor.

I wear a sexy party girl mini skirt.

This little pink mini-skirt is so sexy on me. And of course, it shows off my ass, as I twist and shake my booty to the loud music. While I am dancing I feel a stranger’s hand squeeze and smack my ass. At this point, I have a buzz from several drinks. Before long I feel the hand move around my body and down to my pussy. Soon I  feel his hard cock press up against my ass. He continues to rub my pussy over my party girl-style g strings panties. Then he slowly brings his other hand up to grip my big  D-cup breasts. I start to get wet as he leans in to whisper and invites me upstairs to a bedroom.

 The stranger pulls me in for an intense kiss.

Followed by him helping me get out of my mini skirt and white tube. Next, his hands move down to my big juicy butt. He gives me a nice hard smack while calling me a slutty party girl. Then he grips my ass tightly to lift me and pinning me against the wall. I begin moaning into his mouth as I kiss him deeper. In between kisses, I let him know that I want to be fucked hard by his nice-sized cock. Without hesitation, the stranger slides his thick cock deep into my tight hole. He begins to slowly push his cock into my party girl’s pussy. The next sexual position he does is doggie style. He drills my pussy so hard as my big round ass is into the air.

Just like all party girls like.

He even pull my hair, before spanking my cheek hard again. I let out a loud moan as he pushes his cock into me one last time. My pussy milks his cock and we both have an enormous orgasm simultaneously. After giving me a pussy creampie deep inside, the strange man puts on his pants. When he leaves the room I’m still in shock on the bed. I feel much better after telling you everything. And apparently, you did too, because you are covered in cum from me stroking your cock.

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