The Other Woman…

It was late.  I needed a ride home.  I was way too drunk to drive myself.  My BFF was already passed out.  It was up to her husband to make sure I got home safe and sound.  He literally had to lift me up and carry me to the car.   For some reason when I looked up at him carrying me his face looked so irresistible. Was I about to become the other woman? He gets me in the car buckles me in and we are on our way to my house.

After a little work, he finally gets me out of the car and manages to get me to balance on my own two feet.  I was definitely still very wobbly.  He put me in my bed and bent down to give me a kiss on my forehead.  I took the opportunity to make my lips meet his.  At first, he was a little caught off guard.  However, he did return the kiss.  It was a long sensual kiss.  With that kiss, he started to rub my body as he fell into my bed with me.

All of the sudden everything went from sensual to hot, aggressive foreplay.  He popped the buttons of my blouse as I undid his pants.  Ripping his shirt off from him.  His body was amazing, nice muscles, the perfect amount of body hair.

Looking at him was getting my pussy even wetter.

He knew I was hot for him. He wasted no time putting his tongue right in between my lips.  Pussy lips that is.  He ate my pussy like it had never been eaten before.  He was making me squirm, squeal, and about ready to explode all over his face.  Must have felt that coming, because he leans back and then forces his giant cock inside my pussy.   It felt amazing.  All I could do was let my body go limp and enjoy his dick pulsating my pussy, making me cum over and over again.

He grabbed by my hair and with one last hard thrust he shot his warm cum all up in me.  Leaving him breathless, relieved, and of course happy.   The second he pulled out of me all we hear is, ” You assholes!”  When we saw who it was, it was my BFF.  She asked us how could we, threw her ring at her husband and took off out of the house and down the road.  I thought he was going to chase after her.  Instead, his lips met mine and round 2 was about to begin.

Fuck, I am definitely the other woman tonight. And I love it.

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