The first time I read the infamous book Lolita I was only thirteen. I had seen the movie one late night on HBO and after doing some research I found myself at my local bookstore. Nabokov writes prose like no other. He makes the most lewd scenarios seem almost angelic. The book, for those who don’t know, is about the relationship between a  prepubescent girl named Dolores Haze and Humbert Humbert. Lolita, in Humbert’s eyes, always knew the effect she had on men, yet she was oblivious to her charm.  Looking back to when I was younger, I’ve always been identified with Lolita, like her, I’ve used my innocence yet sexiness to my advantage all the time. Let me tell you a few of my memories, and be the judge.

Every Saturday morning, when I was around ten, my mom and I would ride the metro (an above ground subway) to my grandparent’s home. Sometimes I would have to sit by myself in a booth since all the other seats were taken. That’s what happened this time, I was surrounded by strangers. Right in front of me there was a handsome man, probably in his forties. I kept playing with the tips of my hair smiling back at him every time our eyes met. We ended up getting off in the same stop, it was a popular stop too, it was crowded, I held my mother’s hand as we tried to make our way out of the metro. I felt someone grab my left hand and when I turned, it was him. He placed it right on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock through his pants. Just as fast as it happened, he walked away. It was then that I understood what it felt to want someone.

A couple of months after that, in the summer time, I got a new “baby sitter”, his name was Tony. He was around eighteen or nineteen. Only reason why my parents even agreed in a male nanny was because he was my mom’s best friend’s son. He wasn’t handsome per say, but it was exciting to talk to someone older. I would parade in tiny jeans shorts, hoping he would notice. One morning I opened the door for him while wearing tiny pajama shorts. When he walked in, the first thing he said was that I shouldn’t be wearing clothes like with him around, I asked why. He said “because I do terrible things to little girls like you”. His answer gave me my first rush of wetness. That night I laid in bed, I could hear him say it over and over again.

A few years after that, I met a man online. Born into the digital era that’s what girls my age did. The first time I met him, face to face, we hung out at the mall. I still, to this day remember his scent. That day, after ice cream we went over to his car. It was still early but his truck had blacked out tinted windows. We sat in the back seat, I remember telling myself nothing was going to happen, but I decided to not wear panties or a bra. I was wearing a low cut top, and jeans. He started to kiss me, and unzipped his jeans. He guided my head down to his hard cock, and I softly licked the tip. He tasted just as amazing as he looked. He then made me go down on his shaft, slowly and guiding me through. He came in my mouth, and made me swallow. I will never forget the look in his eyes after. He made me feel something inside, I’ve never felt. That night was the first time I really felt want it.

These, and many other experiences are only a few that prove I’m a modern-age Lolita. Be the judge and try me tonight! Let me give you the Lolita experience.



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