Can you guess how many guys are tugging on their dicks right this minute? You are, aren’t you? You’d better be, it’s the end of National Masturbation Month. In fact, I’ve always been addicted to the Joys of Masturbation. So much so, that I am finger banging my sexy pussy as I voice dictate this blog! 

Women that aren’t into masturbation truly boggle my mind.

 Why don’t American women pleasure themselves as much as men? Now, I know if we had our pussy in hand all day, nothing would get done, haha. I mean y’all already know I am a functioning nympho, with an insatiable vagina.

My body physically needs a hardcore climax daily. And, I do cum A LOT… squirting, internal cumming, anal orgasms! Every goddamn chance I get, I cum. Which is why I love my profession. I enjoy sharing orgasms with others as well. Although, going solo is always so incredibly liberating!

Because of my Love for the Joys of Masturbation, I have tons of badass toys.

Toys to work my clit, fat toys to fill my tight, wet pussy, and toys for my anal-loving ass, nipple clamps, just help in the sexual stimulation that leads to a body quivering orgasm. Seriously, I have so many toys, I could open my own adult store. Nonetheless, I won’t because I could never replace these special pussy pleasers.

Such as the remote control vibrator.

Which I just used laying on the beach last week, ending in an exhilarating orgasm. I thought I’d be super naughty and masturbated on the Aerosmith Roller Coaster at DisneyWorld in Florida, haha, that was a mind-blowing explosion too. Of course with the rock n’ roll blaring in the background no one could hear exactly what the hell I was doing!

Needless to say, I had a killer time with my pussy in public.


The thought of someone or multiple people watching me rub my pussy out makes me want to cum NOW.  Another favorite is Mutual Masturbation baby. It’s so fucking hot to watch someone getting turned on by watching you masturbate. But for me, it’s an insanely hot way to learn exactly how your partner needs it done to make them cum.


As one with a young MILF nympho lifestyle, all of my friends are extremely open and ready for any new sexual endeavors too. On top of them loving the Joys of Masturbation just as much as I do.  

Not everyone I meet is open-minded enough to really appreciate masturbation like me. 

Actually, I meet those people often. When I do, I can’t help but ask why they wouldn’t honor their bodies with the ultimate gift? A HardCore, MindSmashing Genital Explosion?


How do you go through life without enjoying one of the biggest forms of self-love and release? Hell, this tight intoxicating who ha between my legs has a mind of her own. Actually expecting it. Most times making me feel like just a breathing apparatus for my juicy Smucker. 


The Joys of Masturbation is a gift for all humans and animals. Literally, no matter where you are, you can finger bang your pussy or beat that meat. No Permit Needed!!!

Obviously, I find it thrilling to enjoy the Joys of Masturbation in the kinkiest, most taboo places imaginable.

In the car during a car wash, sitting in the drive-thru at restaurants, in front of people catching a ride with me, or on my lounge chair by the swimming pool for my nosy neighbors to witness. 

 I’d love to hear how you appreciate the Joys of Masturbation?


If you have a kinky place you love to blow your load, call me, you’re my kinda masturbator!  Let’s spend some quality time together on my phone sex chat.  

I guarantee you and your cock or pussy will leave more than satisfied.