Glory Hole Confessional.

“Father I’ve Sinned.” Words every true Catholic knows and uses far too often. I grew up going to church, usually every Sunday, but as I got older my views became skewed. My Dad left when I was young, and as I got older, I became angry with God. Saying father I’ve sinned seemed to make me seethe. I loved to party while also having dirty secrets. Accordingly, I enjoyed going to bars and finding a sexy boy-toy to bring home. There’s something about not saying a word and grabbing a man’s hand and watching them follow you. Recently, I was feeling out of touch with myself, like something was missing in my life. I was living in a new city and decided to check out my neighborhood’s cathedral. Little did I know it would become a glory hole confessional.

I walked in through the massive weighted doors, a soon-to-be glory hole confessional.

Walking up to the confessional in the empty church, I looked at the lit candles and stained glass that moved me when I was young. Staring at the box of doom I said to myself “Ok, you win, let’s do this.” I opened the door and sat down on the bench. The window slid open. “Forgive me, father I’ve sinned, it’s been one year, 6 months, and 4 days since my last confession,” I said in the dark divided room to my priest. “What are your sins?” the priest said as he’s said a thousand times before. I waited in my glory hole confessional.

“Promiscuousness,” I whispered with shame.

I could smell his cologne and for whatever reason, nostalgia washed over me in an awesome wave. At first, I thought “Maybe my old priest wore the same scent?” Initially, the priest was quiet. “Father, Father I’ve sinned. “ I repeated. I was waiting for my Hail Marys’ when I saw another window open. It was smaller and round, with no screen. Suddenly, a long, thick cock slid through the hole. I was so confused, yet completely turned on by the idea of this dirty secret. I fell to my knees. A true glory hole confessional! While looking up, I said, “Father I’ve sinned,” and started stroking this Godly beast of a cock. I pressed my lips against the tip and let my wet, warm tongue slip out. I swirled it around the smooth head and then began to let it slide down my throat.

Nevertheless, the Priest began to Speak.

“God the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of His Son, has reconciled the world to Himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins. “

“Ahhhh, YES!. “He Moaned.

Through the ministry of the Church, may God give you pardon and peace! I absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spiritttttttt!

And just as he finished, I felt a huge warm load shoot to the back of my throat.

Salty and thick, and a taste so familiar. I quickly cleaned up and threw a stick of gum in my mouth while waiting in my glory hole confessional. Just as I was about to leave to go home and masturbate, the priest spoke through the window. “You are forgiven of your sins… and you have grown up to be quite a woman Cherry.” How did he know my name? All at once the scent, the taste, and the name came flooding to my memory…


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