Do you ever think back about all your first time experiences? When you started to walk, then run, eventually riding a bike, and then your girlfriend. Well we’ve all had many firsts and one that I will never forget was the very first time I swallowed cum during oral sex. I mean I’ve always enjoyed pleasing men orally and using only my tongue to get their cock right on the edge! I mean sure, cum on my face or my tits, but I never actually thought about in my mouth.

I mean swallow a big mouthful of cum? Why would I do that.  So picture this, I’m 17 and I’ve been seeing this guy Jack for awhile, every time I go down on him he begs and pleads for me to swallow it and goes on about how much fun it will be.   Not ever really taking my “no” seriously he was always trying to hold my head down when he was ready to cum, but I was smarted than that. As if I didn’t know he was ready to cum before he did? I can always feel his body tense up and I could hear his moaning preparing for a literal blast off. Making sure my mouth was nowhere insight when he exploded.

After his last attempt and the disappointment I saw on his face I finally decided “what the hell”, I’m going to swallow this time. You know just to see what all the fuss is about! So we’re at the drive-ins and this is my favorite place to give head so I was ready to surprise Jack and give in to his dirty desire of me swallowing his little soldiers. We are half way through the film and have been making out and touching each other’s throbbing, soaking naughty parts. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to swallow this first load. I finally start to go down, sliding his pants all the way down and revealing his throbbing erection tightly pressed against his body in a pair of gray boxer briefs. He looked so horny and tasty, I then slid the briefs down to his ankles and begin to kiss his inner thigh, underneath his warm nut sack and finally finding my lips pressed hard against his shaft. I start to lick up and down all the sides making sure to get it really juiced up and I started to deep throat his cock, further in and deeper, gagging me slightly when keeps his cock deep in my throat for extended periods. I’m loving his excitement and  his pre cum tastes oh so sweet. I feel his pelvis tightening and his hands grip my hair tight. He starts to motion as if he was going to pull out, but I held his hips tight and kept his solid shaft in my mouth for that final release! Gulping it down the warm gooey nightmare I had dreaded all this time was actually… DELICIOUS! Why hadn’t I know this before? That was the day I officially became a cum whore, and I never let a load get wasted in tissues.

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