I masturbated with my dad, I’ll never forget it.

I told my Dad that I wanted him to write about what we did together. Told him if he didn’t write something for me, I was going to tell Mom about it. I hope you enjoy his story about us enjoying the day I masturbated with my Dad! Here is what he wrote:

I cannot believe my daughter is making me write about this. I guess I deserve it. So I know how bad it sounds that my beautiful grown-up daughter spent time jerking off together. It just happened. I went to visit her and we got snowed in. We started to drink Samantha’s whiskey, watch movies, and hang out on her couch. I think Samantha forgot I was there. Noticed she was moving her hands under the blanket she had curled up in. I sat there watching the movement.

I remember when Sam was little. She used to touch herself under blankets. One time her Mother threw the blanket off of her when she was jerking off. I saw her hands on her tiny bald pussy. I never forgot how that looked. Samantha was so embarrassed that she was caught. I got hard fast. I never told her that.

So when I saw Sam moving her hand methodically under her blanket this time…I got hard again. It couldn’t be helped. I blame the whiskey when I calmly asked Samantha if I could watch her. I wanted to see her pussy again badly. Samantha looked over at me. She looked a bit surprised and a little turned on. “Only if I can watch you, Dad.” She said.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

Samantha pulled the blanket off of her body. Her legs were spread out wide and her pussy was wet and swollen. It was beautiful. I started to stroke my cock while I watched her hands explore her lovely unshaved pussy. I was so fucking turned on. Didn’t need to touch her. This was enough.

We watched each other as we worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy. We moved in time with each other. Then we came together. Samantha with her two fingers deep inside of her. I came on my stomach.

It was a wonderful naughty afternoon. Samantha promises she won’t tell. Maybe she will let me watch again sometime!

I highly recommend you call my daughter when you need someone to masturbate with!


Samantha’s Dad

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