The Anticipation of Your Punishment

My wrists twitch with anticipation when I think about that tight rope that will be used as my punishment for my dirty crimes this past weekend. It’s as though I can already feel you tying me down across your bed. I can already see the stern look in your eyes as you bend over me to ensure that everything is tied and in place. So I watch you as you pace back and forth preparing tools, in which you will use to make my body squirm.

I can’t wait to watch you loosen your dark black tie, as you look at my tied up and naked body squirming for your touch. I cannot wait to feel my heart race as you walk towards me slowly, dragging my anticipation through the metaphorical mud. Then as I will think that it is time for my body to be punished, I will gaze up at you as you wrap the tie that once hung from your neck around my head to cover my eyes.

My legs are trembling at the thought of you leaving me there, all alone in the room for what will seem like hours. I’ll listen for your footsteps creeping slowly down the hallway, all to ensure that my anticipation will never be forgotten. I can’t wait to hear you in my room at last, after so long of you being away.

My mouth is watering at the thought of you bringing a tiny glass of water, and only splashing a bit on my lips.

You will make me suffer for my crimes, and withholding food or water from me with help makes my desperation so much deeper and unbearable. I can’t wait to listen as you gulp down the rest of the water, which I only had a drop off. My mouth will be dry and waiting for something wet to fill it up.

My arms are quivering as I think about how much it will sting to hold them up with only that rope. They will grow tired and wish for you to untie them. But I cannot wait for you to take your time with me, and make those arms suffer.

My ass is tingling, at the thought of when you face me down and begin punishing me with one of your many tools. Spanking me over and over again, all while I scream for you to stop. I cannot wait for you to stick a muzzle on me so that my screams cannot be heard.

I cannot wait for you to call me to tell me how else you will punish me, and what tools you will use. And how you will make my punishment so unforgettable, that my body aches anytime I think about our Fetish Phone Sex we could be having right now.

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