That little bitch, Alice! Always such a smart-ass. Braggart, conceited…did I mention she was voted “Sluttiest Girl” in Fairytale School? Yeah…to boot she was tall, big titties, small waist, big blue eyes…you know, your basic nightmare! All of this…AND slutty? Why? She sported the first bald pussy in 5th grade…who even had hair back then? She was into it all very early on. She fucked the teachers, male/female, it never much mattered! She loved sucking dick and having her pussy munched until she screamed and  moaned…as only a fairytale girl could when cumming! But, that was all before me. I’m Joey and I’m a badder bitch than old Alice ever could be! Get ready, you’re about to take a ride through the forest. Cum along for the adventures of Joey in Wonderland!

My first encounter was with a giant bunny rabbit in a suit of many colors…his name was Jack and he wanted what all bunnies want…to fuck me. Well, okay. He just wanted to fuck! But, his lucky day gave him, ME! Giggle.  I needed to read my map after falling down that fucking hole, so I offered the Bunny man my little ass, and he took it. I mean, HE TOOK IT! He worked that hole until it was a puffy little mound of numbness, which welcumed even more pounding!What the hell? I was already as numb as fuck, so why not give him the joy he desired? Haha.

I am unashamed of my penchant toward a good pussy and ass pounding. They are part of who I am. A good little girl. They say good girls are just bad girls who’ve never been caught! Sounds fitting. Heehee.  Sweet as honey in pigtails out in public, a wild tigress, eager to learn and please in bed…or a table, ceiling…whatever.

During my whirlwind visit to Wonderland, I accomplished my goal. To stick it to Alice. Teach that bitch a good lesson. I took her “rabbit” in my ass, while her kitty Cheshire lapped at my toes to my absolute delight, Bill the Lizard slipped in and out of my orifices with ease. I sucked Humpty’s dick all day. Then changed it up so that I had my way with the other bitch of this tale…the Queen of Hearts. I licked her pussy until she muttered like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum…It was a menagerie of group sex. Well, all except Alice. As I said, I had it in for that bitch, so…she got to watch the show from the edge of the woods. Truly, the Greatest Show On Earth. Oh! No…That’s another story.

This story, like so many others, is ever evolving…times change and stories shift…Only I know how these end. I’ll share with you…call me.



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