That One Time At Band Camp….

In high school, I wasn’t exactly the most gorgeous thing walking. I was what some would call a nerd. Spending my time in the books, practicing for the band, and spending all year counting down until the Summer day when my parent’s would drop me off at band camp.

 This one particular Summer was different. I had been numerous Summers before, but this Summer, the Summer I turned seventeen, I knew it would be different. I was going to enjoy every experience I could and become one of those girls all the boys wanted and that all the popular girls envied.

The first couple days were uneventful. I sat alone at meal times, re-reading the Great Gatsby, and eating my organic vegan meals. When I did glance up for seconds at a time, I noticed all the popular girls, long luscious locks, kept company by the gaze of all the guys. How I secretly longed to be them deep down inside.

Then one evening, after finishing my dinner alone. I made my way back to my cabin just as dusk hit. I wasn’t far and it was really beautiful as the sun hit the lake, so I decided to venture off on a trail down by the water bank. Before I could even sit down on a branch by the shore, a drunken popular boy stumbled up beside me.

“I’ve been watching you.” He slurred

“You’re pretty fucking gorgeous. More gorgeous than all the pretentious popular cunts.”

I turned bright red, flattered, but unable to speak. I looked down at the ground, smiling through blush colored cheeks. Then as if out of a movie, he leaned in and grabbed my chin. Starring in my eyes, he kissed me as the sunset in the background. I placed my hands on his shoulders as he ran his fingers through my hair then slowly made his way to my skirt. He looked back into my eyes before he travelled to my neck and slowly down my tight, teenage body. I gasped as his lips caressed and undressed me from my bra line to my ankles. When we were both left with nothing, he laid me down on our clothes, in the sand, and slid his throbbing cock inside me. I caught my breath, as the pain came. He slowed down and whispered “relax baby.”

I did, and soon after he was thrusting in and out of my soaking wet cunt while I moaned from the overwhelming pain and pleasure. We went on like this for what felt like a lifetime. Slowly stroking, in and out as the sun set on the day, taking my virginity with it. Before I knew it, a warm explosion came from within him and found a new home inside me. He fell down on top of me, kissed me, and then rolled over, bare ass into the sand.

“That was fucking amazing. Waaaayyyyy better than all those pretentious, popular cunts.” He slurred again.

We both smiled at each other, kissed once more, before he helped me to my feet and we dressed under what was now the moonlight. He walked me back to my cabin, kissed me good-night, and promised to see me again in the morning. I watched him walk off into the moonlight, and I made my way into my room with the glow of our secret surrounding me.

The next morning, I woke up, smile still in place. I showered and dressed quickly, making my way to breakfast to find my new lover. Sadly, he was nowhere in sight. I ate, went to practice, and still nothing. A week passed, nothing. Two weeks passed, nothing. Three weeks, and I was heartbroken when still nothing. All of a sudden it donned on me that I was late. I was never late, my period came like clockwork every month. Rushing to the General Store near camp, I bought a pregnancy test and sprinted toward the bathroom. When I saw the result I fell to the floor, head in hand, sobbing uncontrollably…..POSITIVE.