Most of my friends have, at some point, had a fantasy about this.. but usually it gets ruined. the idea of fucking the car salesman, while you’re out testing the car, sounds like one hell of a time. But most of them ruin it before it has the chance to happen! Blah blah blah, all the sales talk.. However, this one ended up a little differently. I went in to see what the new Mustangs feel like. I’m a sucker for the roar of a muscle car’s engine. And I did not want to be pigeonholed into the “daddy’s money” kind of girl when I showed up.  So I put on the cowgirl boots & painted-on-jeans, paired with a tight little black tank top that leaves just a little to the imagination. The cars were beautiful, and as soon as one of the guys noticed I was looking at his area, he made a beeline all the way from his office. A slightly taller guy, all dressed up in the typical dealership suit and tie. I started asking him question after question, and we ended up taking a test drive. I was driving it 10+ over the speed I should have been going. But I knew he wasn’t going to stop me – I kept catching him looking over every time we hit a speed bump on the residential streets.

It wasn’t long before I just had to park it. I needed to see what he was all about. I caught the glimpse of a wedding band on his finger but he’d been eyeing me long enough. I parked the car, at which point he started asking what I was doing..and I went for it. I took off the seatbelt and climbed over the center console, onto his lap. There was barely enough room in that car but I made it work.. kissing his neck, slowly pulling his shirt off..and sliding that wedding band off with my mouth – should have seen the look on his face for that one 😉 I can’t wait to see that car salesman again..might have to come in for another test drive.


Come play with me.

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