It’s Time For You To Tell Me All About Your Teen Lipstick Fetish.

Do you honestly think that you’re being subtle about your teen lipstick fetish? Because I see you over there, standing off to the side of the Chanel makeup counter. You aren’t shopping for a new shade of lipstick for your wife now, are you? Be honest. It’s obvious that you’ve got a major teen lipstick fetish. My friends have noticed you hanging around a lot too. It seems to be your favorite spot in the department store. What exactly is it that you’re spying on? We’re fully clothed, so now it’s time to see exactly where your eyes are focused.

You’re staring at my lips, aren’t you? OMG, you’ve got a total teen lipstick fetish! What dirty thoughts are running through your mind right now? I see you watching while I pucker my pouty pink lips right up. Watch me press this beautiful Chanel red lipstick right up to my lips. It’s such a beautiful, rich creamy color, isn’t it? Does this tube of lipstick bring to mind other things? It’s such a sensual, full-body experience applying lipstick. I bet it is watching me too, isn’t it?

The scent of this lipstick is so delicious, that your mouth is watering as you lean close for a sniff. Your cock is twitching in your pants! That hard-on is poking straight out and looks like it’s going to burst right through your pants. Now that I think about it, pressing my lips right up against this tube is kind of like me pressing my lips against a swollen cock head. I love rubbing a stiff dick all over my lips too.

Watch me as I take my time slowly sliding this lipstick across first my top and then my bottom lip.

Then I slowly rub my lips together to make sure the color is even and of course to enjoy the creamy feel of it against my skin. Are you going to cum in your pants right on the spot? It almost looks like you might. How badly do you want to lean in for a smell and a taste? Chanel really does make the most incredible red lipstick, the color, the feel, the taste is so very incredible! Slip into the nearest dressing room with me while your wife has her back turned. I know you want to.

She won’t be able to see us in there and I can give you an up-close look and feel of this delicious lipstick. How do my pouty red teen lipstick fetish lips look? What do you say we test out the staying power of this shade of lipstick, while I slide your zipper down after a nice big kiss. After all, there’s nothing sexier than pouty red lips wrapped around a rock-hard cock, is there? I can’t wait to swallow your big hot sticky load of cum while your wife is shopping not too far away, completely clueless. Does she know about your craving for kinky public sex with tight young teens like me? Don’t worry, pay for my shopping spree and your secret is safe with me.

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