Teens First Sex Toy

I think everyone remembers the first time they masturbated as teens.  I remember mine like it was yesterday.  I’m not talking about the first time I played around with my pussy and discovered how good it felt.  I’m talking about the first time I discovered how to make myself cum!   Since that day I haven’t been able to stop.

I was home alone.  My mom and step dad had gone out to dinner and I found myself in the living room watching porn.  I had always been fascinated by sex and I wanted to know more.  Wanted these women to get pounded by huge cock and I needed to know how it felt.  I wanted a big, hard cock inside my tight teen pussy so badly.  What did we have that I could use as a cock?  The vegetable drawer was my new best friend.

I wondered into the kitchen.  I was naked from the waist down, my pussy dripping wet, and hungry for something to stuff my cunt with.  Then I pulled open the drawer and saw that thick, curved cucumber.  My eyes lite up!  It was perfect.  I rushed back to the living room to feel it inside of me.  I slowly slid it inside.  It was cold, making it even easier to feel every inch stretching out my virgin hole.  It hurt at first but I kept going.  Before I knew it, my toes were curling, eyes rolling back into my head, and I was cumming so fucking hard!

I remember laying on the couch as my body twitched.  I laughed thinking about how many teens first sex toys were in the fridge.  Couldn’t wait to feel a real cock inside of me and I was obsessed with masturbating.  Cucumbers are a girl’s best friend!

Mommy Phone Sex!