Teenage sex is so fun when you sneak around at night

A lot of people want to know how much teenage sex I had. I have always loved sex, but it didn’t really start when I was a teenager.

My first sexual experience was with a girl my age and we were about 11 years old. We were really good friends and really curious about sex, but we didn’t know about lesbians. We started to steal dirty magazines out her dad’s room and look at all the pretty naked women. He must have bought dirty magazines on his business trips because who buys magazines anymore?

We would have sleep overs and pretend that we were strippers. I think if were were teenagers and knew what we were doing we would have had teenage sex. We still had fun though. We would get totally naked and pretend that we worked at a strip club. She would sit on my lap and I would rub her body all over. We looked a lot alike. Our small tiny tits were just starting to grow and really sensitive!

We also pretended that I was her boyfriend.

I would chase her around the living room totally naked after our parents went to sleep. I would catch her and throw her down on the floor. Just loved getting on top of her. We would grind our bodies together for hours. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but it felt good and it was so much fun! One time got caught and my mom was horrified. Bummer. Because…. no more sleep overs! Crap.

When I turned 14 I would sneak out of the house and go to my boyfriend’s house. I climbed through the window after his parents fell asleep. We would have sex all night. I loved the way sex felt. I wanted it all the time. Teenage sex was the best! We tried everything! Mostly, we loved oral and fucking. You never forget the first time.

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