You woke up today yearning for something you’ve never had. A flavor you’ve never taste but can’t seem to shake off. That is me. I put a teen witch sex spell on you and believe me, it’ll never wear off. On the last full moon, I went out to the forest. My milky skin was exposed as I played with myself and said your name over and over. And now our first encounter will be intoxicating and will leave you wanting more.

After my teen witch sex spell, I found the right time to appear in front of you. See, what you don’t know is that I’ve known you I want you for months. We are in the same algebra class but you haven’t even looked at me once. But it’s going to change on Halloween night. I will come up to you and the minute you lay eyes on me it’ll all change. I will be the only girl you’re ever going to want to fuck.

We will both be at the same party. I know my outfit alone will make you turn to see me. But that’s not all I want. On that full moon, I made sure you give yourself to me. My plan is to lure you away to an upstairs bedroom. By now you’ll be drooling for my touch. The sex spell will work, I know it. Once we are alone and I touch your skin your body will know what’s next. You’ll kiss me. And you’ll rip my costume off of my tight teen body. I know you like to get rough and I will not resist. In fact, you’ll learn that the rougher the faster I’ll cum on your cock.

Get Addicted To Teen Witch Sex

Push me on this bed and kiss me. Kiss down my neck, and stomach. Go lower as you spread my legs. I knew my spell would work. You lust for me. Your cock is hard and I haven’t even touched it. Eat my out. Shove your tongue deep inside my wet pussy and hear me moan. I lose myself and close my eyes, but when I open them, there you are. Looking at me as you devour my sweet cunt. This teen witch sex spell has made you selfless. Though it would be excited for me to suck your cock, that is not what you’ll get. In fact, you are here to only please me.

Lay back, I am going to ride you. And as I do, I will chant and make you fall in love forever. See, lust is good. But what a teen witch like me is really looking for is devotion. And I need you to need me. As I slide up and down your cock my juices are dripping down. Feel me cum and lose control. My tight pussy gets even tighter and you will need to cum. But you won’t get to do it inside me.

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