Hot Teen Stripper Teases You With A Guided Masturbation Finish

Guided masturbation. You did not know what you were going to run into when you went into that strip club that night. Entering into the place the music had your blood moving through your body. On the center stage, an older woman finished her set and left the stage. Before anyone else could come out, men roared for the next stripper to take the stage. As the music turned on and the stage was filled with the presence of a tight bodied sexy brunette you could see why. His body was perfect, ass and tits remarkable. The way that she moved around the stage had your brain running in circles with the ways you could stuff your cock inside her.

You Could Not Hide Your Interest

Men tossed money onto the stage begging for her attention. However, it was with your luck that her eyes were on something new. She glared her beautiful brown eyes sensually in your direction. Like a tigress on the prowl, she ventured to take down what little innocence you had in you. After her number was finished she walked down the stairs and stood behind you. Slowly she pushed her hand down your chest and whispered into your ear. “Let’s take you to the private room, love bug.” Slowly she flicked the tip of her tongue on your earlobe. In return, you melted into her grasp, play dough to any demands she would make.

She Knew She Owned You

As you two walked into a private room she straddled your lap. Slowly she would grind over the top of your work pants. Her perfect tits were in your face and she smelled beautifully floral. Running her hand between her legs and over her package, she commented on the stiffness of your johnson. “Pull it out for me,” She whimpered standing up and biting her lower lip. However, with a slight amount of hesitation, you started to slowly unzip the fly of your pants and reveal yourself to her. “Now, grip it at the base and stroke it for me,” She ordered, taking a seat across from you and stuffing her hands into her panties.

Follow Every One Of Her Guided Masturbation Orders

As you slowly started to stroke you dick she whimpered out “Good boy.” Hearing those words made you proud. Like you were serving her in away. Plus, as she began to pull her tits from her bra and play with herself, there was no denying how much it turned her on. Maybe she was really into you. That made your cock throb even harder. She continued to moan out orders for you to jerk your dick. As a result, you pounded in your hand locking eyes and she cried out for you to cum. Then the two of you came at the same time blowing your load harder than you ever had before. She was everything you had hoped for and more.

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