It is such a gorgeous day outside. I am running errands and getting sexy lingerie for tonight. Mom and my siblings are going out of town, so Daddy and I are getting our time together. I don’t know which of us is more excited, him or me. Of course, Mom helped me get all the supplies to make it extra special and sexy tonight. This is the first squirting moment to be added to my Teen Squirting Compilation Video.

Yep, my very first time squirting and Daddy is the one to make it happen. He is always filming our family fun. Tonight he said it is even more critical for filming. His goal for our fun this evening is teaching me to squirt. Mom is a squirter, and he believes I am too. So, tonight we shall see. My body is tingling with the expectations of our naughty play.

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The day is flying by as I am running errands. As I am walking through the mall, I see a couple of guys I love playing with sometimes. Of course, they are pushing me to go into the men’s restroom for a quick fuck, but I am saving myself for Daddy. Yes, I know I am not a virgin, but tonight is different, unique for us. I know that he is going to go above and beyond to give me the best teaching session for squirting.

I don’t have time to waste on little boys at the mall today. Some days, they are great fun for me. One of them has the biggest dick in town. We chat for a bit, they finally accept my “no,” and I am on my way. Please know, if you are into young, big dicks, these boys give me amazing stories for my Tight Teen Phone Sex.

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Once I am finishing up at the mall, I am off to get some of Daddy’s favorite sweets for tonight. I have the bedroom set up with candles, music, and desserts for him. He is giving me the night of a lifetime, making it unique for him, too, is essential to me. I know for a fact Daddy is bringing some new toys he has bought for me, gadgets that are helping in tonight’s education.

I am changing into my new beautiful lingerie as Daddy is in the living room, telling me to hurry up. My hands are shaking; I am so nervous. It is weird, this isn’t our first time by a mile, but it feels like it. As I open the bedroom door and he is seeing me, his face says it all. Of course, he is grinning from ear to ear as I see his cock pressing on the crotch of his pants. Furthermore, my pussy is starting to get extremely wet.

Daddy rushes towards me, taking me into his arms.

He is making love to me with his mouth and hands. We lounge on the bed as he is munching on his sweets and me. Soon, we will start making my first squirting moment, creating the first video moment for my Teen Squirting Compilation Video. I bet that is causing your cock to get hard reading about my first special moment.

Good, because once Daddy is finishing his sweets, he is ready to start back on me. We are making out, and he is bringing out the toys he purchased for me. Oh my, I love this. He is using a toy and his hands on me as I am moaning loudly. He is getting me closer and closer as I am grinding on the toy. Fuck, that is too good, “Don’t stop Daddy!”

I am so close, and he isn’t stopping until I am squirting everywhere!

Of course, Daddy isn’t stopping. I am there, and soon, I am gushing! My pussy is shooting my juices all over daddy. He is smiling at me as I am looking into the camera with satisfaction on my face. It is an incredible moment for both of us as I am licking my juices off of his face. Do you want to see my Teen Squirting Compilation Video?

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