Teen sex and stealing an innocents virginity

Teen sex is a hot topic these days not to mention fun to role play. A client came to me the other day with an innocent role play. This role play reminded me of little Matty the innocent church boy I seduced during service. If I hadn’t known better I would assumed it was little Matty. We were great friends back when in my teen years until the night we snuck away and I seduced him. Matty was the innocent little virgin church boy who was kind to everyone and tried his best to live right. He wasn’t the type that would watch sex videos because he didn’t like girls having sex before marriage. Matty was as straight as an arrow and followed all the rules until me that is. While I had talked him into skipping service on this day we entertained each other until our parents came out.

My little dress slid back up to my upper thigh. Matty being a gentlemen reached over to pull it back down. His hands accidentally touched too much of my thigh made him shy and apologize. I noticed he was embarrassed but then I also caught him staring at my tits. It was my fault for wearing a low neck dress that revealed cleavage. There we were in our little Sunday school room alone with his eyes looking right at my tits. I told him to touch me but he didn’t think it was right. After grabbing his hand I placed it on my tit and forced his hand to touch me. He got nervous and wanted us to go back to service until I told him to sit back down and shut up. I straddled him, kissing him, forcing his hands to touch me all over.

His hand barely grazed across my pussy and I could already feel his cock was rock through his pants. Every time he pushed me away I would show him something that felt amazing. Like my mouth wrapped around his cock. He really didn’t last long when it came time for me to fuck him. I sat my pussy on his cock, riding him but he came so fast. Maybe it was my tight teen pussy. It was fun having teen sex with the virgin church boy. Ready to share those teen sex stories? Lets role play teen phone sex! Every thing you want any way you want it.