When you’re in high school you picture yourself sleeping with the whole football team or basketball team. That is, if you are a normal high school student. I was never a normal student. I never wanted to sleep with the football team I would rather sleep with the coach. It was never a classmate, it was always a teacher or even the principle. I didn’t want a boy teaching me the ropes. I needed a man to fuck me like a woman!


So you can imagine my sex drive skyrocketing when we had a new principle come to our school. He was tall, skinny, dark brown hair, and a little scruff on his chin. He was drop dead gorgeous to me. From that moment on I did everything and anything I could to have to go to the principal’s office.

One day I skipped class just to get in trouble. That afternoon after school was over, I ran into my principal. I was so excited my blood was boiling. He walked up to me and explained how he knew I had missed class and I was in big trouble. He walked me to his office and sat me down. He sat on top of his desk and looked at a few papers. He then looked up at me and said “ I’ve noticed for the past 2 weeks you’ve been acting up a lot more than usual is everything okay?” I replied with a nod and shaky hands.


Right after I answered the assistant principal walked past the doorway. Rob, my principal, called out to him and asked him to come in. Marc, the assistant principal, walked in and asked what he needed. Rob replied with “ you remember Miss Maisie right?” Marc replied with a very enthusiastic yes.


Rob then continued “ Maisie you’ve been a very bad girl lately and you have to be punished in some way or another. That’s just the way it works around here.” That’s when Marc shut the door and locked it. Rob told me to stand up and take my clothes off. I did just that. With no hesitation.


After I was completely naked, rob sat me on his desk and began touching me. Kissing my neck and all over my body. My eyes were closed enjoying his every touch. That’s when rob came up behind me and laid me on my back and held my arms down. I was a little nervous but enjoying it every second it lasted. That’s when Rob had his way with me.

After awhile they then placed me on the ground on my hands and knees and both began to have their way with me. However I can’t release all the details because then you would know too much of my secret. If you truly want to know what Rob and Marc did together too me, then you’ll have to call and beg for the details!

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