Teen sex stories always tend to spark a special flame in me.   Firstly, there are so many things I find sexy about doing hot taboo roleplays and this is definitely one of my favorites.  In this naughty tale, we’ve been dating for a while now.  We have shared all of our naughty secrets. That included those naughty age play fantasies we have been dying to act out.  So, when you accepted the job of Headmaster at one of this area’s most prominent and accredited schools, it was like a dream come true.  The job was great.  For instance, the students and staff love you and have gotten used to seeing me around.  I frequently brought you lunch and would sometimes help you out if you needed it.   

However,  today when I entered your office I noticed that you were not your normal happy-go-lucky self.   You were leaning over the student office worker, Katie chastising her.   I calmly walked over to a chair in the corner of your office and sat.   From there I could see that Katie was in tears and begging for leniency.  From what I could hear there was the threat of her being expelled. As I listened more I realized that you had caught her stealing money from your desk. A light bulb went off in my head as I watched Katie tearfully promise to do anything for you not to expel her.  

Teen sex stories served on a platter

I called your name to get your attention.  You were so livid with Katie you hadn’t even heard me come in.  “Katie, can you excuse the headmaster and me for a moment?” Stroking her arm lightly to show her comfort.  She sniffled and excused herself to the waiting area outside of your office. I ask you what happened.  You explain that you walked in on her taking money from your desk and you were going to expel her.  Stroking your cock through your pants,  I remind you of all the naughty teen sex stories that we had been fantasizing about.  Your cock grew thicker and harder thinking about what I was suggesting.  Besides, it had been way too long since we had had any age play sex. With you and I in agreement about making our own teen sex stories come alive, I summons Katie back into your office.  

You again explain to her how disappointed you are in her.  He let her know, that if she was serious about not being expelled then she needs to be at your home within the hour.   We locked up the office and headed out of the school.  We decided to leave your car at the school and you drove the two home.   Moreover, that ride home was so sexually charged.  I couldn’t help but suck your cock and edge you all the way home.  When we pulled up, guess who was already sitting on the front porch, Katie!   In other words, she was not bullshitting about not wanting to be expelled.  

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