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Ever had a sex story that was so hot you had to share? I do! Here’s one of my teen sex stories invovling me and my new stepdad. Stll in a towel , dripping wet from the shower, I worked the lotion up my long legs. Rubbing the lotion in starting from my toes working it up to my thighs. I was easily turned on because I hadn’t masturbated in awhile. Sitting on the sink counter and began masturbating to naughty thoughts. One hand on my pussy and my other was tugging my nipple. I heard a noise coming from the hall which prompted me to grab my towel. The door wasn’t shut all the way but there he was standing there looking at me.

Covering myself I asked my stepdad what he was doing home. He says he had the day off and asked what I was doing. David thinks I’m getting ready for school but I’m skipping school today. He starts telling me he saw me doing something bad but I tried to play it off. “What did you see?” I ask him. “You doing something very naughty.” With a an embarrassed giggle I reply “you saw that?” He confesses he was doing something naughty too. My towel drops to floor and I sit back on the sink spreading my legs so he could see me touch myself. “Is this what you saw David?” David watches me masturbate in front of him. I watch him grow in his pants. “You seen me but now it’s my turn to see you” I tell him.

After he pulled his cock out I could see why my mother chose him. His cock was beautiful and huge! I saw him stroking and decided he could use my help but this only lead me to sucking on it. “Now you know what my mouth feels like David.” We made a deal that I wouldn’t tell mom but only if he didn’t tell mom I skipped school. After teasing him with my mouth I let slide his cock inside my cunt. “This is how good tight young teen pussy feels.” My tight pussy clamping onto his cock only made him squirt a huge load inside me. Looking through the teen sex stories trying to find your next role play idea? Cum to me for all your Teen phone sex fantasies.