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I have always been a little tease! Nothing makes my twat hotter and wetter then making a cock grow right before my eyes. I have so many teen sex stories that would blow an older man’s brain. Ha! Not to mention his load.

I have this best friend, and her dad is so hot! So, I’m going over to her house to have a little sleepover. I get to her house and we play a little truth or dare in her room. Then, I dare her to kiss me. She dares me to get naked. Next thing you know, both of our cunnies are soaking wet. Her daddy walks in on our little bare bodies rubbing up against one another. I could tell he was shocked and turned on. He demanded we go to bed. Her lights went out and I found myself up, wandering down to the kitchen for something to drink. Could water quench my thirst better than a load of hot clumpy cum?

Her daddy is in the living room stroking his cock aggressively. He sees me and tries to hide his erection. I plop myself on the couch beside him. “What’s that Mr. Johnson?” I reassure him that I can keep a secret.

I lean down and pull his hands off his lap.

He instructs me to take it into my little warm mouth. “I can barely fit it all in my mouth, it is so big.” My spit is dripping down my mouth and running down my chest. His hands take my clothes off. He squeezes my little supple teen tits and my nipples grow against the palm of his hands. I lean down and suck him harder and deeper into my tiny mouth, just as he had taught me.

My puffy bald pussy is glistening with my wetness and desperately needing to be fucked. Mr. Johnson lays me down on the couch and spreads my naked body out. His cock starts to rub up against my wet little slit.

I bite down on my lip as he tries to force it in me, pulling my cunny lips apart.

With each pump, sliding his cock back and forth inside of me, I can feel his mushroom head expanding. My pussy feels hot and sore! I bet Mr. Johnson didn’t know he would have two young little sluts to play with! This is one of those hot teen sex stories to forever remember and to rub my pussy later to it when I’m alone in my bed.

Next, he pushes his cock balls deep inside my pink twat. His strokes get longer and deeper. My training bra tits are bouncing back and forth with each pump. I look down at my tummy and can see his hard-on slightly popping out of my tummy. My pussy starts tingling and I can feel myself gushing my wet cunt cum all down his cock. As soon as he feels me soak his cock, he starts to shoot his milky cream inside of me, filling me up. I didn’t exactly get any water for my thirst, but at least my pussy is well hydrated.

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