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Would you like to hear one of my favorite Teen Sex Stories?  I have some of the best stories to tell, but I will start with this one about the time my Daddy invited all of his friends over to be super naughty with me!

Letting his friends walk in slowly surrounding me. I knew what there were there for simply by the wild animalistic look in their eyes. So, They were there to deflower me, and take my innocence as they pleased themselves.

I could see how worked up there all were as I glanced around the room. Seeing them hot and bothered made and ache to grow deep inside of me. I knew exactly what I was doing when I let them touch me.

Standing there with my hands at my sides I slowly looked up at them allowing them to see everything they had been dreaming for and wanting in my eyes.  I can give you that too, making you happy to the point where you scream for more. Needing it and wanting it more than anything.

There is no better feeling than pleasing Daddy and his friends. Giving them exactly what they want and making their cocks ache and twitch and explode with sheer need. It’s amazing seeing the look on their faces as they release one by one giving me what I want. Knowing that I made them so incredibly happy.

Just like I’m about to make you. So give me what I want, look down at me as you smile and slowly release you r load right into my pretty young little mouth.

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