My Hot Teen Sex Dream

As a teen, I voraciously read the adventure novel The Three Musketeers. I just could not put it down. Nearing the end of the novel, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning just to finish it. My eyes were heavy but I just had to know the fate of my favorite characters. Especially Athos, the noble and handsome, I had a huge crush on him. He was heartbroken by the villainous Milady de Winter and drowned his sorrows in too much wine. I wanted to comfort Athos and make him forget all about Milady de Winter. After reading the last line of the book, I quickly drifted off into a hot teen sex dream that starred Athos, of course.

I wish I knew then how to have a hands-free erotic hypnosis orgasm, it would have come in handy while reading. But, alas, my orgasm would come in the form of a wet dream instead. I fell deeply into a dream about the musketeers and their adventures. Then my steamy teen sex dream picked up where the book left off. 

After ‘The End’

After getting well-deserved revenge on Milady de Winter, Athos is seeking solace for his grief. He is directed to the best courtesan in the kingdom, me, of course. Even as a teen I knew I was destined to be the best French whore. My sexual appetite was already in full force and Athos would be on the receiving end tonight. 

I am in my luxurious quarters in the palace, awaiting my next client. I am naked under my long silk robe. My long blonde curls lay at my shoulders and I smell of French rose perfume. I hear a tap at the door. Could it be the King or a Duke? To my pleasant surprise, it is Athos, still in his musketeer uniform, his sword at his side, and a bottle of wine in his hand. 

Athos asks if I can provide him company tonight and I eagerly welcome him into my quarters. I take the wine from his hand and set it on my dresser. Then I begin undressing him. I remove his uniform, lay his sword safely on a table. I even remove his boots for him. He is grateful for the care and attention I am giving to him. 

Riding Athos

Once he is fully naked, he finally opens and drops my robe to the floor. I stand before him naked and his cock quickly stiffens at the sight of my nude body. He grasps both of my huge breasts as he leans in to kiss me hungrily. I can feel his cock against me and I yearn to put him in my mouth. I break from his sensual kiss and begin kissing him down his chest as I drop to my knees. His huge stiff cock is now in my face and I tease the tip with my tongue before taking it deep down my throat. He moans loudly with great pleasure.

Before he cums, I push him back on my plush bed. He lays there grinning, his cock at full attention just begging for my tight wet pussy. I straddle him and lower my pussy slowly down on his throbbing dick. We both moan loudly now. My arms wrapped around his neck, we kiss passionately as I bounce up and down on his hard cock. Athos grabs my ass cheeks and speeds my momentum. 

It’s So Real!

My teen sex dream is so vivid I can really feel him inside me, smell him, and feel his touch. I’m almost there, I’m so close to cumming. We’re both panting and on the verge of cumming. I cry out…

Suddenly, I realize I’m in my bed, my fingers down the front of my panties and I’m still cumming and convulsing from my teen sex dream. I came so hard I woke myself up! It didn’t really feel like a dream though, it felt like I was really there riding Athos’ hard cock. I couldn’t wait to get to sleep the next night so I could have another romp with Athos. 


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