Teen sex chatting is even more taboo while babysitting, and that is a solid fact.

You can definitely say that I know this from personal experience. After all, the word around town is that I am the most fun babysitter out there! I have always been a fiend for teen sex chat. When I am in charge of watching the little ones in my care, I crave it even more! Nothing can stop my constant addiction. Talking dirty on the phone comes so easily and naturally for me, especially when I am in front of some barely legal young ones!

Seeing the look on their faces turns me on greatly, and their curiosity turns me on to no end. It reminds me of me before I gave in to my perverse urges. You can tell when they have never been exposed to any dirty talk. They always seem to be extra innocent and virginal, but of course, I seem to be a lot of things as well. When that happens, I only feel the need to corrupt them even more! They’re like Eve reaching for the apple on the tree, and I’m ready to feed it to them. Incest phone sex blows their minds. Some of them cannot even fathom having sex with their parents or siblings; well, at least not yet. It is my duty to introduce them to a whole new world of fetish phone sex extremity.

There are lots of dirty little secrets between the young ones that I babysit for and me.

I always make sure that they know how to keep a discreet low profile, or else I may not be able to be their babysitter anymore. Whenever I threaten to take away teen sex chatting from them, that’s when I know they really take me seriously! What their mommy and daddy do not know won’t hurt them! It is truly best to keep our sexual deviancies all between us and for no one else to find out about them. Little ones love to feel trusted by an older figure. It makes them feel like good little girls and boys! I mean, I would know how to persuade them because my babysitter taught me the same naughty things. We have so many secrets between us; some are way too dirty to write and talk about, hehe!

The other day, I had quite a naughty experience with one of the families I babysit.

I was able to show them how to take one another’s virginity. You best believe we had the time of our lives! It feels so empowering to know that I am the catalyst that enabled these two youngsters to lose their innocence. They’re my little obedient puppets; I’m the naughty and sadistic puppeteer. The younger brother said that he wants to know what it is like to be inside of his older sister, much like how he has seen his daddy go inside his mommy time and time again. Well, like father like son. Daddy’s little boy is ready to fuck and penetrate! I feel so thankful that I can be right there to help guide him along, literally.

First things first, I had both of them undress and get ready to reenact my teen sex chatting text messages!

The little sister was a tad bit nervous but rest assured, I made sure she was comfortable and, of course, nice and wet! Oh, the nasty things I just taught her, and how to discover her pulse down there every time she’s in the mood. The wetter, the better! Especially for her tiny body, she really needs to be nice and lubed up! A cock of any size is a lot for her to handle. Although her brother is young as fuck, he is pretty well endowed for being so off-limits. They both have been awaiting this day, and finally, the time has come.

These youngsters deserved the best. I picked out the best I had from my teen sex chatting messages & read them out loud.

Little girl laid back on the bed with her legs spread eagle. Little brother, stroking his cock vigorously, got an up-close view of her tight pussy for the first time. His cock was throbbing hard in his hands as it begged to be plunge inside of her petite body. That small fuck hole of hers was soaking wet and dripping with saliva all over it. I made sure to have him slobber on her clit before shoving himself deep up into her slit. Now, on the count of three.

One, two, three! He pushed his manhood into her aching little cunny and made her scream as he pierced through her hymen. Her body convulsing and squirming in both pleasure and pain all at the same time. Well, you can guess what happened next!

Give me a call if you’re into incest phone sex so that I can give you all the dirty details! I can’t wait to fill you in on all the juicy excitement! Check back for more taboo blogs soon.

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