Teen sex is a Blaze of passion

I love sex. I love gentle making love till we lose control, wild mind blowing rough sex. But Teen sex has a special flare that we lose as adults. LOL and that is only partly to do with how flexible teens are. LOL, I had a lovely young lady come to learn how to babysit when she was 15.

Rhea’s smile was like watching the sun burst through the storm clouds. I use to think how much I wished she would ask me for some guided masturbation. At 5 ft. 2 inches, black eyes, super short black hair, and skin the color of weak expresso, she is exquisite. The body made for the pleasures of the flesh or black phone sex at least. An only child she knew nothing about kids but was very open about liking girls. She only took lessons a few weeks but I knew she was going to do great. She has always been so strong independent and knows her own mind. I did not get to hear from her for a couple years.

In that time my life changed as well. Back then I felt like my telephone was phone sex central but for teen lessons in babysitting. I met David and that started a series of adventures that still continue today. LOL, as a matter of fact, it’s become a serious turn on for me to sex while on the phone.

Anyway this one night not that long ago David and I went to this dive bar. I was in the mood to tease and turn guys on.

And David LOVES to watch all guys stare at me…

yet only he gets to touch me looking so sexy. There was this guy being a total douche bag for this yummy little thing. Well, NO ONE is going to upset ANY lady wherever I am certainly not when I am out for fun.

Well, let me say that there was a small altercation but David was very manly and the douche bag left. And the Yummy thing turned out to be my Rhea.

In less than an hour, we were back at David’s house. LOL, partly it because of a kind of 3way in the car on our way back. Where I was giving David head as David fiddled Rhea’s clit… LOL while Rhea was in the back seat. I do not know how we did not wreck. Before the night was over David came in both of us. In our mouths, in her ass {she does love anal so much} and in my pussy about Dawn.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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