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I had to come up with a plan;  I needed to be the first one to lose my anal virginity.  And I needed to practice and how I had fun pleasuring myself.

I would play with my clit every night watching nasty porn videos of a teen losing anal virginity.  Those videos and the great stories I would find had me desiring to have Ted place my legs over my head as he devours my wet cunt while laying on his bed. Leaving a wet spot so that he would remember the following night and then when he washed those sheets.  The smell of my sweet cunt needed to penetrate his room so when he walks in he thinks of this wet juicy pussy. I had a plan and it would have to wait till morning so I went to bed.

During my shower in the morning, I place my pink studded butt plug up my pretty tight clean shaved asshole.

Dressed in an unofficial micro-school skirt that was really, really short.  I was ready to go to school.  I slightly leaned over to close the car door. He touched my leg. My nipples got hard and my sweet tight teen pussy was beginning to flood. He saw it. I can feel a slight breeze on my wet teen cunt. I was soaking wet, submerged in my own cum.

A strong pulse on my clit overtook my body.  I needed to fuck right here, right now. He looked into my eyes then took a dive. The touch of his warm soft tongue touched the tip of my swollen clit. He told me I would remember this day for the rest of my life because he would give me the best tongue lashing ever.  I remember.  He slurped and used his fingers in a way that made me feel like I needed to give myself to him.  He spread my ass cheeks apart only to be surprised with delight. The butt plug.

“You nasty little cunt.” he whispered with delight.

He had a glare in his eyes that reminded me of a greedy hungry animal.  He slides his tongue in my pussy. In and out then a suckle of the clit until I felt his fingers reach inside of me, fingering my wet cunt.  He stretched me right in his car. His cock was hard as a rock as felt it with my feet. I could not take it any longer, I squirted.  He drank with glee and my body trembled, my butthole opened and my butt plug fell out.  “Oh, baby-girl.  You need the real thing,” he said.  Ted began to unzip his custom suit and…well lets you and me have our own ending. Call me and let’s get naughty phone sex together.

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