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A teen lesbian is every man’s fantasy, isn’t it? Well expect for Mr. Adams. A few years ago baby sitting was the main source of income. I would do it for a few families and while it lasted it was lots of fun. Once the children would go to sleep I would stay up and usually do homework, or even just watch tv. One night I decided to invite my girlfriend over and when things got a little heated we decided to take it all the way.

We were completely alone in the basement, that’s where Mr. Adams had the t.v. room. We start teasing each other, making out and playing with you nipples. It escalated very quickly and before we knew it I was on my knees devouring her sweet teen lesbian pussy. I tongue fucked her sweet little cunt till she came, and I didn’t stop there. I slurped up all her juices and continued to eat her out. That is when Mr. Adams walked in. My pretty little face was buried in between my girlfriends legs and all I heard was Mr. Adams asked in a very upset voice, what I was doing? We both were embarrassed and as soon as we got dressed he kicked out my girlfriend to have a talk with me. Though it wasn’t much of a talk. He said he was very disappointed and he would have to talk to my parents. I begged him not to and he said there was one way for me to convince him.

I started taking off my clothes as he sat down on the couch. His eyes danced around my curves as he rubbed his crotch. He took my hands and said to straddle him. That is when he whispered in my ear that all he want it was to taste my sweet teen girlfriend’s pussy off of my lips. He kissed me passionately and licked off all her dried cum from my cheeks and chin. Once he did, he laid he on the couch and opened up my legs. He ate my pussy like no one had ever done till I came and as he felt my pussy clench in pleasure he moaned and came.

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