A teen having cybersex seems to be the norm this day in age. However, I am not just your average teen phone sex babe. You see, I am a certain kind of naughty. My infatuation with sex began one Friday afternoon after I stayed home from school with my Mother. I walked into the kitchen to get myself a drink when I heard the faint sound of her phone vibrating on the kitchen counter. Going over to it I expected to see a message from my father. However, instead, the contact was “Unknown” and the preview simply read “Are you free for a fly by?”

Is Mommy Being Bad?

At first, I was confused. Could there be any way this guy had gotten the wrong number? Surely my personal interpretation for “fly by” could be something different. However, what if I was wrong. Was there a way that my Mother could be having an affair. Suddenly her phone vibrated a couple more times, “Do you miss this as much as I miss you?” and a picture message followed after. I bit my lower lip with the phone in my hand staring at it hoping it would reveal it’s picture contents without me having to invade my Mother’s privacy.

However, that was not the case. I peeked around the corner to see if I could catch a glimpse of my mother tending her lawn. Once I was sure she was distracted I quickly unlocked the phone and caught eyes of its graphic image. I gasped as I stared at the giant throbbing black boner. Was my mom part of a big black cock cuckold? I tried to look away, however, my panties could not help but cream themselves at the glare of this delicious looking trouser snake. Another message came in, I could see it’s a notification under the image I was currently viewing.

This Teen Having Cyber Sex Is Hot

I grabbed my Moms phone and headed into the living room. As I looked outside she was currently in conversations with the Mailman, so I knew she would be a while. After getting comfortable on the couch I adjusted my hands in my panties. My fingers began to slide between my bald slit, I was already so wet. I thumbed my finger to scroll up on the messaged and saw his latest incoming. His bulbous helmet was dribbling cum for me now. My pussy ached to feel him inside of me. So, I replicated with my fingers, stuffing them in and out of myself.

Like a true teen having cybersex, I sent him a picture of my fingers covered in juices for him. I texted the mystery man back asking for more picture of this throbbing hard member. I whimpered and moaned trying to keep an ear out for my mother as the two of us kept exchanging pictures back and forth. It was not until after I creamed my dainty young hands that I realized who it was. On the bedside table sat a picture of my Grand Mother. I had been sexting my Grandma’s boyfriend the whole time.