I love living next door to you and catching you staring at me as I am sunning in the backyard. You are so shy and afraid to tell me you like me. It is obvious and has been our entire life. Yes, we are young, but even so, you have always adored me. I could be your teen girlfriend experience if you tell me the truth.

Don’t be afraid, just step up and tell me. You have been going steady with quite a few girls at school, all beautiful. None are as pretty as me, and I understand why you are worried. You don’t need to be; I am your friend first and foremost. Remember playing in your fort, and I fell and scuffed my knee. You quickly stepped into action, helping me home. My hero!

You may not realize it, but I want this teen girlfriend experience with you!

I know you and I are into different crowds, but I don’t care. You shouldn’t either. Yes, my friends are snobby jerks, we are the coolest kids at school. That doesn’t we shouldn’t hang out. Furthermore, maybe that is the reason we should. Opposites attract and all. It is time to stop sitting at home alone, playing video games. 

Getting out of your comfort zone can make life so much better, and I am that better. We can hang out, go to the movies, concerts, the park, and so many other things. It is nice to walk around, holding hands and making out in secluded places and sneaking into a bathroom and kissing. I might even let you get to second base if you are careful.

As your teen girlfriend experience, I help you have fun.

When our parents are out to dinner, and we have the house to ourselves, we can pretend it is ours that we are married and in love and living our dream life—even hosting parties with our friends, yours and mine. Merge the two groups. Above all, make sure we can all get along and have a great life—us enjoying the teen girlfriend experience together.

Just imagine how cool it will be making out on the couch, then carrying me upstairs to make love to me. I know you are fantasizing about it right now. Rubbing your dick and wishing you are fucking me. Consequently, my pussy is getting wet thinking about it. I need to confess I have seen you naked. 

When you finished mowing and went in, I peeked in your bedroom window and watched you undressing. 

Your dick is so perfect. I can’t believe how big and hard it got. You had a picture of me on your computer screen and were jerking off to it. That is when I knew we should be a couple. I am learning so much with my hot teen phone sex, and I can share it with you. I am not that experienced in real life, but we can start learning together. 

Of course, I have had sex, and I know you have too. You slept with that last girlfriend, and she was telling everyone how big your dick is. You are practically a legend at school now. I am sure that is why you have been staying at home more. Are you embarrassed? You better be proud of that sexy cock. Once we are dating, I am going to tell everyone how happy we are. 

It is crucial that you know I am Daddy’s Perfect Princess too. 

He is the experience I have and will be sharing with you from now on. We have been discussing that I am starting to date and that I want to be with the boys. He is okay with that as long as he still gets his time. That man is my daddy, of course, he will! You and I will come first, always. Once I am your teen girlfriend experience, I am devoting my time to making you happy.

When you are participating in those video game playoffs, I will be there to support you: baking brownies and other goodies for you and your friends. If you want me with you and not out shopping with friends, then that is what I am doing—hanging with my boyfriend. You see, you are the most important thing to me. 

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