My science teacher had a Teen Girl Smoking Fetish. I realized this was probably why he was always so nervous around me.

I was a badass in my teens. My parents couldn’t handle me and I went to high school when I felt like it. I knew Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll would be my way of life. I would wear tight little skirts with fishnet stockings and doc marten’s…. ad I smoked.  Most of my teachers were afraid of me. I thought they were all pathetic losers- especially Mr Wilson.he had some serious issues. I could see him tremble and shake when I walked past him.

One day I was out sneaking a smoke when he came outside and he caught me. He told me to keep smoking. I figured this was some sort of trick, but I played along. I took nice long drags and watched his reaction. Mr Wilson fixated on my red lips sucking in the smoke, then releasing from the side of my mouth. I watched him as he silently gazed at my teenage girl badness. He either wanted me or he wanted to be me.  I looked down at his trousers. He kept brushing his hand over his crotch. I could see he had a tiny hard on. Then I saw the stain. This pathetic man just came in his pants!

I smiled as he blushed. He knew I saw the stain. “It’s ok, Mr Wilson”. I said. “It will be our little secret.”

I offered him a toke as we walked back to the school door. He smiled and said no. ” Could I keep your cigarette butt?” He asked me. I handed him the lipstick-stained butt. He was actually and ok guy and ended up being my smoking break buddy after that.

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