A teen fucks old teacher for credit.

Teen fucks old teacher for extra credit; what a cliche story to tell! But you know what? It’s stereotypical because of how many times it’s actually happened. I always heard the stories and assumed they were fake. However, my friends would gossip and gossip endlessly. High school was a neverending parade of rumors. My friends shared quite a lot of them about some young cheer slut sucking the football coach’s cock, though none of us knew who she was. People would gossip about the bulky softball coach and how she looked like a lesbian and might be checking us out in the locker rooms, as well. The world was full of rumors that nobody really believed, so no one believed it when something naughty really did happen.

I fucked my teacher for extra credit. I can’t even lie about it, it happened, and I can’t deny it! He was a rather attractive teacher, honestly. I don’t really regret it whatsoever. A lot of the teachers at my school were rather flirty and sweet to me, like all the boys my age as well. I was constantly ‘in trouble’ for talking too much in class, which meant the male teachers would make me sit up near the front of the class. Conveniently, placing me at the front of the class meant I was always in their line of sight. They always had a good view of me and my luscious cheerleader legs, crossed and proper, but showing a little too much thy because of it!

All this distraction caused my grades to fall.

It was a pretty clear cause and effect situation. I was always flirting with the guys my age in class, but that didn’t distract me too much. Whenever I was moved to the front of the class, I’d end up watching the teacher far too much… and learning nothing. He was cute! My English teacher was very attractive, and I couldn’t help but watch him. I’d dress up extra cute for class, with my little cheerleader skirt on for every game-day and practice day. I made it my goal to drive him wild and try to get a reaction out of him. Really, he was baiting this reaction out of me as well. He wanted me to sit in front of the class and take all his attention? Then I would do just that and show off a little extra. I knew he was always watching me.

I’d keep him daydreaming of ageplay phone sex and all the things he shouldn’t do. He was a good, older teacher. But he was no match for me. I soon realized that my grades were slipping because of this little game we’d kept going back and forth, and I needed at least a B in class to stay on the cheerleading team. My school was rather uptight about the grades that the athletes on any team kept. So, I had to work something out to raise my average up. It didn’t have far to climb, but it felt like an eternity, and I needed it done quickly! So, I knew I’d be bending a few rules and trying to become that girl. I was gonna be the classic teen fucks old teacher story.

Finally, I caught him after practice.

He was sitting in his classroom, grading papers, and going through some of our projects. I walked in right after my cheerleading practice, so I was still wearing my uniform and my tiny little skirt. He smirked at me as I walked in, asking me what I needed. I said that I needed to talk to him about my grades, but my tone gave it all away. After all, I’d locked the door behind myself as I walked in, as well. He was a goner. As soon as I sat down on his desk, he leaned back, resting his hands at his waist like he knew what I was doing. He knew I was the type from every teen fucks old teacher story, and I climbed right onto his lap to confirm it.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head then, but his cock was rock hard against me. I tugged at his belt to pull it off, sliding down to start off by kissing and sucking his cock. I deepthroated him hungrily, driving him wild with the way I played with my lips, but the show was far from over… How naughty do you think I got with my English teacher?

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