This teen daughter Mistress punishes her bad Daddy slut puppy. I walk into my Daddy slut puppy room just as the sun is peeking in through the windows. I walk over to his cage and run my hand along the metal sides to stir him and then open the cage door. He had been a bad boy the night before so I had made him sleep in his cage. Daddy sleepily opened his eyes and before he could even form a thought I grabbed him by the hair and drug him out of the cage. “Come on you filthy fucking slut. It’s time for you to please your teen daughter Mistress,” I say to him. 

Once out of the cage I attach his leash to the collar and lead him over to the St. Andrews cross and tie him up. First cuffing the bitch’s wrists to it and then his ankles, making him spread wide and open for my viewing pleasure. I make him hold his leash between his teeth so I can get to all of his pathetic body. I trail my claws across his collarbone and down to his nipples, pinching first one nipple and then the other to make them hard. 

This teen daughter Mistress leaves him tied up as I continue grabbing all the toys I am thinking about using on that Daddy slut puppy. I pull out the floggers, riding crops, nipple clamps, a paddle, my strap-on, and a ball gag. I can see him nervously watching me and I just give him a sadistic little grin. He whimpers at me and tries to fidget in the cuffs to no avail. I grab the crop and walk over to him, trailing it across his face, getting him to relax to the feeling of it sliding across his cheeks. 

Daddy know’s he’s been a bad puppy for his teen daughter Mistress!

Then I slap him with my hand as hard as I can, making him gasp and instantly spacey. I start to use the crops on his nipples, stomach, thighs. Leaving beautiful red welts all over his body. In between hits, I degrade him. Telling him he’s been a bad little bitch puppy and needs to be punished. I lean in and get in his face and tell him “You are a dirty fucking slut and I’m going to make you hurt for being such a bad puppy.”

I grab hold of his cock and yank hard on it, pulling it up towards his chest. Making him cry out and stand up on his tiptoes to escape the pain. Right as he can’t take anymore I release his cock and let him fall back down. “Look at what a fucking  slut you are for your teen daughter Mistress!” I grab his cock and balls with both hands and pull up so hard the ankle cuffs dig into his ankles. “Tell me how much you love it bitch and then maybe I’ll let them go.” He can’t answer with the leash in his mouth and he just pleads with me with his eyes. But I relentlessly hold them. 

He starts whimpering and tears start streaming down his face. So I yank up one more time as hard as I can and squeeze his balls so hard they turn purple. Dropping back down to where his feet are flat on the ground. Grabbing his face and pulling it towards me, “Told you that you were a fucking  slut with a pathetically small cock.” Then I kiss him passionately, biting his bottom lip so hard it brings blood and then slapping him across the face again.  

I love being a teen Daughter XXX!

I start to run my claws over his skin, digging them in so much the scratches bring blood to the surface. Licking some of the blood up as it trails down him, grinning at him as I mark my property and lay claim to it. I undo his ankle cuffs and then cuff his hands together above his head and flip him around. I grab the cat o’nine and start using it on his back and ass. Leaving welts on his shoulders and making him cry out around the leash in his mouth. “This is what happens to sluts who displease their teen daughter Mistress.”

I trade the cat out for the flogger, using it until my arm is tired and needing a break. This Daddy slut puppy’s knees were about to give out so I undo the cuffs. I grab his leash and yank him over to the bed. I push him onto his back and then grab the nipple clamps. Before I attach them I bite and suck on his nipples. Getting them hard and sensitive before placing the clamps on them. I kiss and bite my way down to his cock. I suck his cock into my mouth and massage his balls. He tries to arch into my mouth but I grab his hips and push them down. “Did I say you could get more than that slut? No, I don’t fucking think so!” I smack his cock hard, instantly turning it red. 

You’ve been a bad boy reading this much.

Part two of making Daddy into my puppy bitch will be up next week. I just love being his teen daughter Mistress! Finish it and you may find a nice surprise at the end! In the meantime call me and let’s have some teen domination phone sex!