He whimpers and begs “Please teen daughter Mistress! I promise to be a good puppy!” I lean over him and grab him by his throat, squeezing just enough to make him dizzy, “Oh I know you are gonna be a good daddy slut puppy for me. But right now you have been bad and need to be punished.” I let go of his throat and he gasps for air. I again grab his cock and look up at him, “Damn this Daddy slut puppy is so fucking hard. Tell me how much of a bitch in heat you are for your teen daughter Mistress. Tell me who this cock belongs to slut.”

He stutters “Mis…Miss!” His face turned flaming red. I stroke his cock hard and fast, “I fucking said to tell me how much of a bitch in heat you are for me. Now fucking do it!” I keep stroking him, going harder and faster. “Teen daughter Mistress I am a huge bitch in heat for you. You make my cock and balls ache with need so bad. Please teen daughter Mistress let me cum.” I remove my hand and he instantly pouts. “You don’t deserve to cum just yet slut.”

I place the ball gag with a double-sided cock in his mouth and then strip out of all my clothes. I get up on the bed and lean in and tell him “I’m gonna ride that slut mouth of yours until I cum in it. Then I’m going to fuck your ass with a cock until you can’t walk. Would you like that slut?” He nods her head yes. “I slap him and say, “I asked you a fucking question. Would.-slap- You. -slap- Fucking. -slap- Like. -slap- That.-slap- You.-slap- Fucking. -slap- SLUT! -slaps face even harder-”

This teen slut Mistress loves making him beg!

“Yes teen daughter Mistress, your slut would very much like that.” He finally answers. And then I do just that. I straddle his face and grab him by her hair and ride his mouth. I bounce and grind all over that cock, making him gag from the one in his mouth until I teen squirting all over it and his face. I let go of his hair and get off of him. Taking the gag out of his mouth before going and putting on my strapon.

I open up his legs and slide my cock inside him. The pain and pleasure being so intense for him as I slide my cock in and out of his tight hole. I grab his hips and pound him hard and fast. “This ass is mine to fuck and do whatever I please to it and you better not cum until I tell you.” Going harder and deeper, I can tell he is about to cum but I don’t stop. I just fuck him harder and faster. He fights his orgasm for as long as he can but I start to stroke his cock while fucking him. Forcing him to cum all over himself.

As soon as he cums I pull out of him and flip him onto his hands and knees and start spanking his ass with my hand. “I didn’t tell you to fucking cum did I slut?”  I hit him so hard I leave handprints all over it before slamming my cock back into him. I grab his leash and pull it back making him arch into me as I again pound into his ass hard and fast as I reach around and stroke his cock. As soon as my hand strokes his cock it sends him over the edge again.

Daddy slut puppy just can’t stop cumming!

This time I stop and grab the paddle and give him ten hard smacks. “Yet again this daddy slut puppy just can’t fucking listen.” I flip him back onto his back and slam back in. Fucking him even harder than before. I put his legs up on my shoulders as I fuck daddy faster and faster. Getting as deep in him with this cock as I can. Daddy becomes a mumbling mess. Begging me to let him cum. I grab daddy by his collar and growl at him “Fucking cum slut. All over this cock like a good little whore.”

He cums so hard he passes out. I clean him up, remove the nipple clamps, and the leash and pull her into me for cuddles. I pet his hair and say “Daddy you were such a good little puppy for taking your teen daughter Mistress  punishment.” I leave him on the bed, a complete mess from our session. Hardcore family phone sex can be some of the naughtiest fun ever!