Teen Cuckold Confessions: You can’t fuck with me If you wanted to

Teen cuckold is one of my favorite kinky fetish terms. You see, I was a teen cuckold from a very early age. I always knew the blessings I was born with and how to use them to get exactly what I want. So, when this phrase was first uttered to me I considered it utter genius. Just uttering the words off my soft lips is sure to bring a devious grin to them. I remember the first time I played a man for the cuckold he was born. Although, I will admit I was much younger than any girl should be when playing these games. However, I knew just what I was doing when I spotted Rob that day out and about. Continue to read on about how Robert became my first teen cuckold victim, and just how addicted he became.

Teen Cuckold Confessions: Said little bitch, you can’t fuck with me If you wanted to

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, and I remember it perfectly. Grandma had stopped by the store after church to pick up a couple of ingredients she had forgotten for our weekly family meal. Sporting a tight pencil skirt, button-down blouse, and high Louboutin red bottom heels. Admittedly, even though I have always had the girl next door look. Something about my sophisticate sexy always made me appear a bit older than I was. Turning the corner I made eye contact with Rob. Immediately his jaw dropped as he pulled his gaze up and down the full length of my appearance.

Suddenly the look of desire rose to his eyes. Then, I slowly began to walk towards him locking my eyes as I did so. Slowly my body moved, my hips swaying and stretching the fabric of my skirt. Overwhelmed his glance rapidly moved around me. That was till I finally approached him. The two of us stood inches from each other. I uttered the words “pardon me” being sure to properly exaggerate the formation with my lips. Entranced he stood there a moment longer, hesitating before he stepped out of the way. I bent over and reached for the flour, taking care to bend at the waist and give him something to appreciate. He never saw this teen tease coming.

The sound of my heels as they walked across the floor would be engrained in his brain.

Then, I just left him there. Stuffed in his pants was I am sure a boner of some sorts. Of course, I could smell how pathetic he was when I approached him. The certain desperation he carried with him approached my nostrils with a sting. However, never would I ever let that stop me, not even as an amateur teen cuckold. Being in a small town, I had home advantage. There is little doubt in my mind that I was ever not on this man’s mind. I would even be willing to bet money he even pictures my small perfect body as he made love to his wife. I continued to tempt and tease him with every public interaction we had.

Finally, the day came where he begged me to give him my cell number. Of course, I acted a little surprised a grown man would want a little girls digits. He assured me it was strictly platonic on his side though. He even suggested he wanted to purchase his daughter a surprise dress, and I would be the perfect size to be sure it would fit. Although, of course, I knew the exact intentions of his inquiry. After all, I hadn’t spent weeks teasing him right to the point I wanted him for no reasons. Two weeks later I was getting shopping trips, money and all of his attention.

Sugar Daddy was wrapped right around my pretty teen cuckold finger.

The most fun about the whole situation was that he really thought he was worthy of my attention in return. Surely, I did my part engaging in his various attempts to impress his teen, Princess. However, he always fell short, and always would. After all, there was not enough sandwiched behind those silk boxers to satisfy this hungry appetite. Now, however, it was time for me to bring out the real teen cockold that he didn’t even know he needed. I invited him to take me shopping. It was cute he even blew off family dinner just to spoil me, buying me the perfect lingerie to match my teen curves.

Surely he assumed that he was going to be enjoying his spoils. However, that was where he would be disappointed. My parents were gone that night, so I invited Rob over to my place. After excusing myself to the bathroom I put on the pretty silky undergarments. Still, I wore my pretty Louboutins that originally stole his attention. He needs to remember that these red bottoms will always own him, and his wallet. After exiting the bathroom and modeling them for him, there was little doubt he didn’t agree. With his jaw hitting the floor, as I always made him, he began to approach me. I could see his iris’s following my teen frame.

A tap on his shoulder and his pathetic dreams were crushed.

Rob stared at every bit of my perfection. I was a little girl spoiled with her big girl clothes. Lifting myself onto my bed I slowly opened my legs. My eyes flashed up towards him and a smile came across my horny face. However, my smile was not for Robert or his sad little-undersized dick. Precisely at that moment, his shoulder was tapped as another suitor entered the room. You see, I had known what I was doing with the Rob the entire time, and tonight was the night he finally could see for himself. It would not be him enjoying the pretty clothes he purchased for me, but instead, another friend who was much more impressive.

He shoved his way past Robert as if he was not even there. Grabbing me with one arm he pushed me back onto the bed kissing my pretty pantied pussy. Reaching between his legs I unzipped his pants to pull out my large 9-inch prize. I flashed a glance towards the shocked Rob who looked as if his whole world had crumbled. Tears began to flood his eyes. “Oh Robby, you thought I was interested in…” Just the thought brought heavy laughter out of me. He looked down defeated and tugged at the front of his pants. Even in his humiliation watching another man pleasure my hot teen body he still stayed and watched. Even came in his pants. What a fucking loser.

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