I was asked by my friend to check in on her teen son Mike now and again while she and her husband took off on a much-needed vacation. Their son was the preppy uptight kind of kid. He wasn’t the drinking type or the wild partying kind.  In fact, I wasn’t sure why they even needed someone to check on him.

I went over that Saturday night and found captain nerd sitting around with his teen buddy Milky watching Star Trek. I made a passing comment about the uniforms in the show being silly looking, which only got me glares and the typical over-answering about why they rocked and were appropriate. These kids really needed to loosen the fuck up!

I asked if anyone wanted a new drink I started making. Both boys said yes. I got to work on blending down a mixture of fruit and alcohol.  I spiked it but not enough that they could taste it. Even spiked their drinks with a bit of Rohypnol. That should relax them a little!

I gave the boys their drinks and watched them gulp it down.

“Hey, that was pretty good Jordan, thanks.” Once I saw they were relaxing a bit more I decided to sit down next to Mike. Milky was drifting off into a snoring mess. I started to make conversation with Mike and asked him about dating and if he was seeing anyone. He laughed and said he didn’t have time for girls, and most of the girls he liked didn’t even notice he was alive.

I started to rub his leg in a soothing manner. He looked at me and asked what I was doing. I told him how he needed to relax and enjoy my attention. I gave him a smile and started touching higher up on his leg until I reached the bulge in his pants. Then I rubbed at it and squeeze the warmth into my hand. “Mmmm you have a very nice thick cock for a 15-year-old boy. Can you take it out so i can look at it?” I asked. Mike pulled the front of his waistband down and out bobbed his thick cock. It was a generous 7 inches size.

I could see the littlest amount of pre cum oozing out of the tip. I leaned down and just licked the tip of his cock clean. So I sat back up and started to slowly jerk him off while I spoke. “You wanna see my big tits, Mike?” I pulled the front of my shirt down and let him have a good look. He pawed at my big tits and his cock got even harder. “Can I see your pussy Jordan?” He asked. “Only if you eat me first…” I said.

Want more teen sex stories like this? Find out next week what I did with Milky and Mike!

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