Teen babysitter tease ready for your gaze.

I am wearing my shortest skirt and tightest crop top. And you cannot stop staring at me. It’s making your cock hard and your mouth water as you look me up and down. And all you can think of is getting me out of my clothes.

I bend over to pick up my stuff off of the floor and you look at the bottom of my ass peeking out from under my skirt. Your jaw drops as you see my tiny black panties and you shake your head to wake yourself from being awestruck. But you can’t keep your eyes off of your tight teen babysitter tease. You know I wore this outfit for you.

You then ask if I need a ride home and I nod eagerly and smile. Then we get into your car… the whole ride you cannot stop staring at my legs, thinking about what my sweet pussy must taste like. We get to my house and I look over to you. You then say “Thank you for watching the kids again. We appreciate it very much.”

I smile and blush a bit looking down. And I say “No problem! I can do it anytime.” You then take out your wallet to pay me and I turn towards you, my leg slightly up on the seat and you can see up my skirt. You gulp and hand me a $100 bill.

Smiling at you I say “Wow! Really?!” But, your mind is elsewhere thinking about me being your teen babysitter tease.

You put the bill into my hand and I thank you by giving you a big hug. And you can feel my large tits pressed up against you and you wrap your arm around me. Accidentally you touch my ass. I look to you and giggle.

You immediately move your hand and sit up straight. I grab your hand and put it on my ass. And you cannot believe your teen babysitter tease is letting you touch her ass. But, there it is, in your hand.

You gulp and say “I can’t. My wife…” And I just say “Shhh, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” I then begin to reach for your cock and kiss you. I kiss you deeply and passionately, unlike your wife that barely gives you a peck on the lips anymore.

But, you feel me use my entire body as I kiss you deeply. And it’s driving you wild. You start to really grab my ass and pull me closer to you. I reach over you and lean your seat back.

Your teen babysitter tease is ready for you and your massive hard cock. I start to take it out of your pants and let it come out and play. Then I take off my panties and climb up on top of you, accidentally honking the horn with my tight ass. You see the light come on in my house but no one comes out thankfully.

I take your cock and slowly slip it into my pussy.

And then I slowly lower myself down onto your lap as I face you. I pull up my shirt to reveal my massive tits and you pull them out of my bra to suck on them. I start to ride you and moan loudly as you suck my nipples hard. And I cannot get enough of you and just keep riding harder and faster.

You’re still scared my parents may come out but then you start to stop caring. You just keep sucking and fucking. And soon you feel yourself about to cum. I ride you faster and harder and cum all over your cock, soaking it with my cum.

And then you shoot a huge hot potent dad load into my pussy. I grab my panties and walk into my house. You can’t wait to see me again.

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