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Teen anal for the firs time? Yeah, you read that right. Ever had that sweet little neighbor who wears shorts too small. Well, that little neighbor is me. Recently a new couple moved into the neighbor and of course I went over and introduced myself. A very handsome man opened the door, and told me that his wife wasn’t home. Ever since then I try to catch him out by himself. I wait for him to come out and I prance around in tiny shorts.

One time when I was home alone he happened to show up at my door step. I was surprised since I had not actually spoken to him since I went to introduced myself. He asked if he want it to come in and he said yes. When he did he took no time to start kissing me. He said he knew that is what I want it because I was a dirty little slut and bent me over the couch. He peeled down my shorts and started eating my pussy and ass from behind. Though he licked my pussy too, he was just really tongue fucking my tight teen asshole. I felt his tongue deeper than I had ever felt it before and I really loved it.

There would be no need for me to even get on my kneed to suck his cock because after about fifteen minutes of him eating my ass I felt his bare cock push right up against my asshole. I thought he was just going to rub the tip of it on it but instead started pushing inside me. It hurt quite bad but he want it so bad the pain soon turned into pleasure. Once he was inside my ass pumping in and out he reached around and started playing with my clit. I came so hard and as soon as he felt it he came too. Deep inside my ass!

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