I am a hot girl and I love being naughty. Of course, that doesn’t mean I want anyone to take advantage of me. I am all about sharing my fine body with everyone. So, it doesn’t make sense that the jerks at the party would do teen anal forced on me. We are all drinking, all they have to do is ask and chances are I am saying yes.

This group of jocks are assholes. That could be the reason why they went about things this way. Being bullies is what makes them feel strong and powerful over others. What is interesting is the fact that I fuck a few of them regularly. Of course, not everyone knows all the people I am fucking and a couple of them have girlfriends so are keeping it a secret.

Maybe that and they were drunk is why we had teen anal forced on me.

This party has been amazing. Furthermore, everyone is having a blast, drinking, dancing and hanging out. As I am getting more and more buzzed, the guys are starting to push me for some fun. I am doing blow jobs here and there but still partying with everyone. I am thinking this is going to be great to talk about on my tight teen phone sex calls.

After a while, I am realizing this isn’t just a booze buzz, somebody put something in my drinks. I am bouncing around the room, feeling weird, trying to get my friends to help but they are all trashed. Honestly, everyone is drunk or high and not helping me. I am asking everyone to get me home and no one is capable of driving or doing anything to find me a ride.

Finally, I realize it is hopeless and go searching for a bed to crash in.

Little do I know that Billy and his crew of jocks are watching me. This house is huge and there seem to be a million rooms. Of course, it is only because I am drugged and struggling. Finally, I find a room with a huge, gorgeous bed, crawling into it, I assume that is it for my party night. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The lights come on, I hear the door slamming and feel hands all over me. I am trying to fight them off, I am fucking comfortable and want to crash. Billy is telling them to undress me, getting me ready to play. The realization that they are going to fuck me is hitting me and I start to argue. Little do I know it is going to be teen anal forced fun for them.

Billy backhands me across the face, knocking me onto the bed.

They are taking all my clothes off. Of course, most of them have seen me and I am not embarrassed, I don’t fuck without my consent. Billy is feeling mean and tough towards small girls and it is looking like I don’t have a choice. I turn to Billy, trying the reasoning tactic with him, saying I am happy to fuck all of them.

He is laughing at me, saying we aren’t fucking that pussy girlie, we are claiming that sweet ass of yours tonight. If you know me, you know I love all things sexual. However, that is when I am ready when we are doing it, especially for anal. This is a full-on teen anal forced gangbang and I am not happy. Not that it matters at this point.

Honestly, I am very compliant in most situations.

Ask the football team. We had so much fun with our School Girl Cum Facial night it was awesome. Of course, they are cool and fun and respectful, even to a cum slut like me. Billy and his crew have no respect for anyone. They take what they want and leave the damage after. Tonight, that is me.

All the guys are undressing and I am being held by two of the biggest guys in there. I am feeling scared right now. This teen anal forced moment is happening and I can’t get away from them. Billy is coming at me with his huge cock, his hands start parting my ass cheeks. The head of his dick is pressing on my butthole and I am freaking out.

From there, it is wild. I bet you are sitting on the edge of your seat, ready for more. Good, call me and I will tell you how many of them tapped my tight sexy ass.