Teasing My Way To Orgasmic Bliss

I walk into the bedroom, start kissing you, taking off your shirt slowly as I run my fingers up your stomach and chest. I tease your nipples with my tongue as I undo your belt and pants, pushing them over your hips. I move lower crouching in front of you, I slip my fingers into your boxers and slide them down your body, watching your cock spring out, half erect. I can feel you tense, waiting, wanting.
I look up at you slowly licking your cock from base to tip, flicking my tongue at the last second swiping the tip. Smiling, I stand and push you back onto the bed. Starting slow I unbutton my shirt, first the top button, then the last. It falls to the floor soundlessly as I wiggle out of my sexy short skirt, teasing you slowly.
I leave my high heels on walking closer to you and reach out to grab your hands. I force them behind your back and push my almost naked body against you, feeling your cock between us long and hard. I whisper to use your tongue, no hands and you grin at me. You nibble my skin softly and slide my thong down my legs with your teeth. On your knees, on the floor.

I grab your head and let you kiss and bite my clit, my legs spread wide.

I stop you and bring you up my body feeling you as you slide up me. As we come face to face I start to kiss and lick myself off your face. I stop, smile, and gently shove you back telling you to lay down in the bed and get comfy. I slowly walk around the bed to the bottom while watching you. I climb on the the bed and start to crawl up to you, making sure my tits rub your cock on my way up.
I give you a quick suck, a hard suck, and keep moving up.  First one nipple, then the other gets a nibble. I work my way up your collar bone to your neck and bite you gently. I grab your hands and hold them above your head so you can’t do much but watch me and squirm. You can feel the heat from my cunt on your cock, so close yet so far away. I nibble your earlobe and my breasts glide over your chest. You squirm even more. I say, “ah ah, no fighting!” and give you a rough teasing kiss, pulling your lip as I pull away.

I give a wicked smile and ask if you like what I’ve done so far. You nod eagerly. Your cock dripping I reach for it and grab firmly. First one hand then two. I push the head of your cock into my mouth but only the top. I swirl my tongue and suck, never pushing more into my mouth. I give a long, hard suck and pop off your cock’s head. Your eyes are watching me, burning with lust. I slide my body up yours making sure my breasts are touching you, my hips pushing your cock up to lay flat on your belly and I settle my hot wet sex on your shaft. Lightly sliding my velvety cunt lips up and down your aching shaft.

I explore your sweet mouth with my tongue teasing it.

Deciding  that you’ve had enough teasing I say “You can use your hands now.”  Before I know it you’re on top of me, pinning me like I had you and your not giving me any mercy.  Now that I’ve said you’re free you attack my neck, biting and sucking leaving hickies and teeth marks all over. I’m moaning in pleasure as your legs spread mine sliding your cock along my wet folds. Your hot mouth takes my nipple into you and you suck hard, I arch my back in pleasure, trying to force more to you.

I lift my hips so you can feel my hot wet sex waiting eagerly for you. You pull away fast, and I’m stranded laying on the bed like I’m chained, watching you. You get between my legs and blow gently between kisses and bites. I jump with every touch. Watching me watching you, you flick out your tongue. Once. Twice.

Then you give my aching cunt a hard long lick and you finally thrust your tongue in me.

You pull out, away, raising yourself  above me and stroking your cock. You bring it to my cunt, rubbing the tip up and down then you thrust into me fast and hard. I throw my head back as my pussy takes you deep inside, I am shaking and you grab my arms and raise them above my head, holding me down as you thrust hard into me faster and faster. I can feel you tense as you yell that you’re going to cum pushing me over the edge into orgasmic bliss.


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