Teasing The Naughty Neighbor

I know my naughty neighbor wants to fuck me, and I’ve been messing with him for a while. I already wrote about how I like to sunbathe when I know he’s watching, in my tiniest bikini, playing with myself and teasing the shit out of him, but today I took it to another level.

When I went outside this morning to water my flowers (which I always do dressed in just my silk robe) I was greeted by an unfamiliar sight. My neighbor’s little Yorkshire terrier had slipped under the fence (although I couldn’t see a hole) and was yapping at my ankles, God knows how long he’d been there. I picked him up and made the short walk to my neighbor’s front door and tapped on the glass. I noticed one of the cars was missing from their driveway and I knew that meant the wife had already left.

I saw the tall shadow approach the door and it clicked open. There stood Damien, all 6 foot 4 rugby player looking and hot as fuck. Just my type. He could barely look me in the eye and was obviously nervous. “I think this belongs to you.” I said matter-of-factually holding the little bundle of fur out to him. He sheepishly took the dog from me and as he did my gown fell open, revealing one large breast and my trimmed bush. I saw him looking and obviously caught him. “Erm, thanks, thanks for bringing him home.” He said and looked at the floor as I closed my robe. “You’re very welcome, I think there must be a hole in the fence, I couldn’t see from my side but maybe you can…” I said leaning against the door frame, making my eyes wide and looking up at him, slowly running a finger up and down the lapel of my robe. “Yes, I’ll take a look, can I ask you in for coffee?”As he said this he immediately blushed. “Sure!” I said nonchalantly and breezed past him. “I love what you’ve done to the place,” I said, brushing my hand along one of the drapes “your wife has impeccable taste.” as I said that I looked dead at him and scanned his body from head to toe. He blushed again and turned to the coffee pot.

I took my chance, undid my robe and let it fall to the floor. I approached him from behind and quickly pressed my body against his back and  roughly massaged his shoulders with my hands. I stood on tip toes until my mouth was next to his ear. “Let’s cut the bullshit, I know you let the dog into my yard, I know you’ve been watching me and that you want to fuck me, so why don’t we itch the scratch we both have?” I whispered, pressing my tits into his back and reaching around to his groin. He already had a boner and I squeezed it hard through his trousers. He let out a gasp but didn’t flinch. I span him around and kissed him deeply on the mouth using both my hands to quickly undo his zipper and pull down his trousers and boxer shorts.

He had a nice, thick cut cock and I jerked it with my hand as we made out. Then I pulled away from him and smiled. He had a look of bemusement as I dropped to my knees and swallowed his entire cock in one motion while looking up at him in the eye. His mouth made a perfect ‘O’ and he made a little grunting noise as I slid his cock all the way in and out from the tip to the base without gagging.

I sucked that dick until I knew he was going to cum, and when he did I forced his member all the way down my throat, so he ejaculated right into my stomach, a huge, salty load that I tasted as I pulled his still convulsing cock out of my mouth.

I stood up, wiped my mouth, put on my robe and casually waved at my  naughty neighbor as I left. “Be careful with your dog in future, we wouldn’t want this to happen again now, would we?”

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