Messing With Sex Offenders Is My Past Time!

I love to mind fuck perverts. It’s one of those talents that just comes naturally to me. You see I love looking for sex offenders in my area and to my surprise, there was one living right in front of my house. Who would have thought? Quite, boring Mr. C was a perv. I mean, he just didn’t look like the kind so I had to see for myself just how I could push his buttons, without of course touching them.

I went over to his place right after school. The excuse I gave my mom was that I was selling chocolates for my cheerleading fundraiser. Of course, I chose my outfit very carefully. I was wearing a tiny little skirt and this almost see-through top. My lips were nice and glossy and I smelled like sweet strawberry bubblegum. When he opened his door his mouth dropped. Poor Mr. C didn’t know what to do when I barged into the house. I told him what I was selling and he nervously agreed to buy me some chocolates. When he went upstairs to get the money he took really long, I guess he was trying to adjust the chub he tried to hide.

I kept giggling, sex offenders like him love the sweet noises girls like me make.

I bet it was music to his ears. Before I left I let him know something though, I told him that I knew what he was. His face turned red and I got so close to him, I felt his hot nervous breath on me. What a pervert. Now there was no way of hiding that boner! My succulent soft lips were millimeters from his and he closed his eyes. The poor loser thought I was going to kiss him!

From then on every time he is outside and our eyes meet, I suck my fingers. I bet the pathetic little pervert jerks off every night to that image.

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