Teasing School Girls Need An A

Two teasing school girls is exactly what my bestie and I were when we were younger. Her and I were inseparable. We took every class together and kept every boy around us wanting more. We were pretty good students, except when it came to one subject, biology. Our loser of a professor was so boring. I literally want it to go to sleep in class. So when finals came around and we didn’t do good; we came up with an idea.

Using our looks was our go to for everything. The plan was to tease our professor but obviously not give him anything. After all like I said, he was just an old loser. We asked to speak to him after school and he said yes. On purpose we took a bit longer to his to his class to make sure there was no one around. We talked about our grades and he offered some extra credit. He had no idea what was coming though. My bestie stood up as he explained grading criteria. She stood right in back of my and started to move her hands down my white blouse. She started playing with my nipples and to our surprise he didn’t even stop us.

By the time we had our hands in each other panties we were on his desk. We were moaning and making out with each other. He was just enjoying the view with a big boner in his pants. Then we stopped. We demanded he change our grade and without hesitation he did. We made sure he changed it on his grade book and the computer. Then we said we had to leave. We did promise him a show once next semester came around. He agreed immediately.

My bestie and I thought it would take more to convince that loser. We were actually thinking of going all the way. Good to know our charms worked even with our professor.

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