Teasing School Girl Adriana Loves To Give All Men At School Blue Balls

I’m a teasing school girl. I say it proudly. There’s nothing I love more than having all eyes on me, at all times. It gives me a kind of rush that always ends up in soaked panties. Well, that is if I am wearing panties that day. Most of the time, I don’t. Fruity perfumes, lipgloss and short skirts. A day in a teasing school girl life starts like this.

I wake up and enjoy myself. Yes, every single morning before getting up I touch my sweet little teen pussy. Sometimes I’m already too wet and it takes no time. Other time I need an extra help and grab my phone and watch some porn. I get ready for school and am on my way to it. When I arrive, from the moment I walk in I tease. My school skirt raised up so short that if I bend over I might give someone a show. It is ready for all those pervy men that want to see my nice round ass. In class though, is where I have lots of fun. Not only with my fellow students, but with the teachers.

I always sit at the very, very front. Front and center at all times. I look so innocent and perfect that the moment I purposely open my legs and my teach can see that thin cotton panties and the outline of my pussy through them they get nervous. Yes. I make my teachers so nervous. Some can’t even take their eyes off of me and make it so obvious that they want me. At times I stay behind, tease them even more. Get really close to them while they’re trying to explain to me something from the earlier lecture.

My goal is always to leave them with their calls aching. What I am really craving is for one to just take me. To give me the pounding a teasing school girl like me needs.


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