Teasing Pleasing

I knew I was in for some Teasing Pleasing when I met Dawn, at the restaurant yesterday. The booth was at the very back of the restaurant. I didn’t dwell upon this, though, and set about scanning the menu for something to eat.

I heard something drop onto the floor softly; then, to my surprise, I felt Dawn’s stockinged foot slide along my inner thigh until it encountered the bulge of my cock.

I looked at her sharply, but she merely smiled and studied her own menu.  Her toes nudged at my cock, disconcerting me further.  Try as I might I could not concentrate upon the menu.

Dawn chose shrimp and a small steak.  The waiter nodded, scribbling, and eyed Dawn’s breasts openly.  I was used to this. Dawn had the kind of tits that even women admired.

She did nothing to conceal them

and dressed to emphasize them. My eyes, too, dropped to her blouse-covered tits as the waiter eyed them.

Dawn was still toeing my cock under the table when the waiter remembered my presence and thought to ask what I wanted to eat. Unable to think, I simply said I’d have what Dawn was having.

He nodded and left. She never wore a bra, and today was no exception.  As I watched her, her fingers caressed her velvety skin, stroking her nipples into hardness.  In the sunshine that filtered in through the window, her tits looked truly glorious.

Dawn’s fingertips continued to caress her golden mounds.

It was obvious to me that she loved her breasts.  She rolled each round nipple between her fingertips and plucked at them a little.

She nudged the nipples back and forth, then each hand slid beneath her breasts and rubbed upward over the mounds.

Her toes still danced about my hard cock,

and I wondered just how I was going to find relief. As delicious as it looked, I was disappointed at the food’s arrival. Again, the waiter eyed Dawn’s breasts.

Dawn, in the meantime, allowed her blouse to fall open, just enough to expose one full breast.  Its brown nipple pouted at me as I tried to eat.  As Dawn continued to toe my cock, I found eating nearly impossible.

Dawn finished her meal quickly. Once we were in the car, I started the ignition, and almost ran into a wall when I saw Dawn lift herself from the seat, raise her skirt, and slide down her flimsy red panties.

“What are you doing?” I gasped in astonishment.

“They are a little binding,” Dawn purred, kicking the tiny garment away with her foot.

She did not lower her skirt, and leaned back comfortably, allowing her knees to fall open. Getting a complete view of Dawn’s bald pussy mound and delectably protruding labia.

I noticed how her painted nails combed her pussy, but when I reached over to stroke the silky skin with my fingers, her hands pushed mine away gently.

“Concentrate on your driving, George,” she chided me,

then dipped her own fingertips into her pussy’s wet slit and brought up a clear strand of her musky sex juice.  I rubbed my cock at this sight, trying to ease the tension.

She smeared the juice over her labia and stroked the intimate skin rapidly.  My breath quickened as hers did and, as I drove, managed to watch her masturbate herself to a climax.  I could barely stand this and drove as quickly as possible to my home.

I pulled the car into the garage, then reached over Dawn to push open her door.  As I started to get out, her fingers plucked at me. I turned back, impatient to reach our bedroom.

Thoughts of bedrooms dissolved completely.

Dawn sat sideways upon the seat, her legs dangling out of the car. Her skirt was completely raised up high.

And then she was bent over as if trying to find something she had dropped onto the garage floor.  Her lean ass was completely naked and spread wide, waiting to receive me.

I used my hands to arch her up a little, then plunged my throbbing cock into her hole.

“You shouldn’t tease me like that,” I grunted, as I thrust.

She merely laughed at me between two panted moans, and pressed her ass higher and closer to my belly, knowing my cock would never hold a grudge against her.

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Teasing Pleasing
Teasing Pleasing

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