Teasing the Married Neighbor

The weather is warming up and we all know what that means. That horny married neighbor will be outside all the time.  I almost feel bad for him.  He is a pretty hot older guy who, obviously, isn’t getting much action with his wife.  He can’t help but gawk over the fence at me tanning by the pool, or up in my windows while I get dressed.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t even shut the blinds.

I had just gotten out of the shower.  My little towel was barely covering my body as I walked into my bedroom.  I glanced out the window and saw him there, peeking over the fence like a horny teenager.  I knew what he was doing, but he didn’t know I knew.  Turned on some music and began to dance and strip that little towel off.  Once I knew he was NOT looking away, I decided to give him a big surprise.

I went downstairs and quietly opened the side door.  I crept my way to his edge of the fence and caught him red handed with his cock in his hands.  His face turned red but I told him to follow me inside.  My tits were bouncing in the night air and I could tell he was in shock.

It’s like the porn of his dreams was coming true.

Once inside, I had him sit down on the bar stool in the kitchen.  His cock was still in his hands as I sat on the counter and spread my legs.  I made him nuzzle his face into my sweet mound and sniff my shaved pussy.  He stuck out his tongue and tasted my sweet juice,  beating his cock so fucking hard and fast.  He stood up, stroking his cock between my puffy pussy lips, coating himself in my juices.

I told him he wasn’t worthy of fucking my pussy, but he could use my pussy juice to jerk his cock.  I giggled as I watched him lube up his dick in my sweet wetness.  Then I reached out my foot, teasing his balls with my sexy toes.  That was all it took for him rear back and blow his hot load all over my wiggling toes.  He was a gentleman though.  He was more than happy to get on his knees and lick my cum covered toes clean.

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